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time/location traveling storage trailer
I walked outside towards the storage trailers to grab a few things. It was probably going to be hot as hades in there. Also smell weird too.

I put the key in the lock and unlocked the lock. The building I worked in just wasn't big enough to store everything. So we had these trailers for storage. Nobody particularly liked going out to them. Hot, stuffy, and long. But once in awhile you had to go out there to grab something. This was probably my six millionth trip to the trailer.

I took the lock off and opened up the doors. Of course it had to be jam packed, side to side, front to back with junk. And guess what, the thing I needed was at the very back of the trailer. Imagine that.

I started to clear a patch through the infernal mess. I heard the wind blowing against the side of the trailer. It had been a breezy day. The doors were blowing a little bit from the wind. The clanked against the trailer.

I kept burrowing towards the back. It took skills to keep everything from crashing down on me. It was like moving through some pit of crap. Stuff sliding around all over the place. My temperament was degrading the further I went, cursing a few times to myself.

I finally reached the back and located the fixture I needed. All this work for one simple thing. Actually I needed six of them and luckily they were right there together. I thanked god for small favors. I went to grab them then suddenly....


The door slammed into the trailer. It scared the living hell out of me honestly. I dropped the fixtures I had cause I was startled, and now I couldn't see. There were no lights in the trailer, and the only light would come in from the outside when you opened the door. Now that door was pretty much shut.


I had kind of made a path back to the back, so going back to the front wasn't so bad. It was still like walking between two moving fissures in the earth. Everything seemed to be on the verge of collapsing in there. Slowly I continued towards the door until finally, I was there.

I pushed the door but it was being stubborn. I noticed it must have been stuck so I pushed harder and kicked it. I noticed the wind must have died down because it was now quiet. Finally I got the door to swing open.

I stepped outside and just stopped dead in my tracks. There was a problem. I guess you could call it a very big problem.

The building I worked in, everything around that building, the parking lot, the highway out front, the factory across that highway.....they where gone.

I looked around and noticed that actually that trailer was the only thing left any where in sight. I laughed to myself as I realized this was not possible. Either I was having some kind of psychotic episode, or....well it was probably a psychotic episode.

For some dumb reason I had this thought if I went back in the storage trailer, and came back out, all would be set right. This didn't make any sense, but neither did anything else going on at the time. So I went back inside the trailer.

I shut the door behind me, and I just stood in the darkness. I waited about two minutes, and then slowly opened the door back up.

There was nothing. Everything was still gone. Now I started to really worry. It was like a row of dominos were starting to fall in my head. I was trying to rationalize what had happened, or what was happening. But nothing could explain what was going on. And as I started to face that brick wall of truth again and again, I felt myself...well just going crazy.

I actually didn't want to leave that storage trailer. But I wanting to walk to where my workplace main building had been to see if there was any sign of it. I needed to look to see signs of anything that would make sense to what happened period. The only thing that made sense was that something tragically had happened to my brain.

I started walking towards where the building was. It was like walking in a desert. Like it was a virgin land, where nothing had ever existed. Another thing I noticed I couldn't hear any vehicle or animal noises. I snapped my fingers and I could hear that so I wasn't deaf. I got to the building location.


I did a face palm. I took a deep breath in...........and out. I didn't know what I should do. I didn't know what was happening to me. I finally realized I was terrified. Furthermore I didn't know what to do next. I didn't know whether I should just stay put where I was, or take a walk to see if I could find anybody or anything. I decided to go back to the trailer and figure out something from there. I needed to sit down and figure out something.

I walked back to the trailer. The ground was like rock hard. Nothing else notable about it. Just plain Jane. I got back to the trailer and got inside. I shut the door. I jumped up on a pile of stuff inside and sat. I tried to calm myself as I was panicking and shaking. I sat there for about a good hour trying to think it all through.

I got back up and went to the door. I opened it up. And I couldn't believe my eyes once again.

It was some kind of tropical rain forest.....

All green wherever I looked. I heard strange birds and could hear water running somewhere. I stepped forward and walked a little bit along a path that went to who knew where. I couldn't hear anybody or hear vehicles but there was a ton of animal calls and sounds. I walked up to a tree and looked up as a bunch of those macaw parrots flew away.

I felt like I had really lost my mind now. What was wrong with me? Nothing that was happening made sense at all. The storage trailer was not right. And what was it doing? Was it traveling? Did I have an appointment coming up with guys in white coats? Where those guys gonna come take me away?

I was getting frustrated. I wanted to try something. I went back into the trailer and shut the door. I worked my way to the back of the trailer. I took my time. I went back to the front and opened the door. My mouth dropped again in shock.

Wherever I was it was like in the country...and the wild west. Cowboys on horses ran right by me like they couldn't see me. I was right in the middle of a small western town. There was a saloon, hotel, and other small business. I watched a team of horses pulling a stage coach ride by. I started laughing because I always wanted to be in the old west. It was kind of a dream come true. I turned around and looked back at the trailer......

Some force, some power was making the trailer not only travel but travel in time. I couldn't explain it, nor could I believe it even though I was experiencing it and it was right in front of my face. As neat as it was, what about my family and friends? What about my life? How could I get back home?

I went back inside the trailer and closed the door. I wondered where and when it would land this time.......

(To Be Continued)
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