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“Oh Daddy, it’s just terrible. My life is now unbearable!” What could I do?
Surviving a Drama Queen

Another busy day. It’s tough!
And if the traffic’s not enough,
the coffee stain that’s on my shirt
does little to relieve the hurt
that Starbuck’s branded on my skin.

As I pull into my driveway
I see the kid’s toys in the way.
I’d honk and call the kids to task
but I know better than to ask.
They’d never hear – they’re all plugged in.

As I walk through my castle door
I find my house in an uproar.
A wailing comes from down the hall.
Tonight I’ll get no peace at all.
The world is coming to an end.

I pass my son who’s mesmerized
by zombies and I’m not surprised
that he’s lost in the fantasy
avoiding all the agony
that his sister’s cries portend.

I see my wife, her tired look.
She turns away, “I have to cook.”
The message couldn't be more clear.
“She’s your child too, the little … dear.”
Of course, advice I can dispense.

I knock and suddenly it’s silent -
the calm before the storm gets violent.
I look inside. Her face is streaked
which makes me sorry that I peeked;
against her tears I've no defense.

“What is it, Katy? I’m your Dad.
Tell me what’s happened, why so sad?”
“Oh Daddy, it’s just terrible.
My life is now unbearable!”
Now, this sounds serious to me.

“Is it a bully? Or a boy?
Have they said something to annoy
or has someone’s life been ended?”
“Worse than that! I’ve been un-friended
by Rob, the cutest boy at school!”

Un-friended? What the hell is that?
“And now it’s trending on Q-chat
and Twitter has been set ablaze!”
Her odd words left me in a haze.
My stare was blank; I felt a fool.

I hugged her. What else could I do?
I almost asked her for a clue
about the language she was speaking
or more precisely, she was shrieking,
when my wife came to the door.

I don’t know how she got so smart.
She understands about the heart
and how a teen-age girl can be.
Maybe it’s passed genetically
or from some ancient alien spore?

She sat Kate up and dried her eyes.
She said, “Would you like a surprise?”
My daughter nodded and said “Yes.
Can we go shopping? Shoes? A dress?”
All I could do was hold my tongue.

“Something better you will agree.
Rob sent you an apology."
"It’s bogus", he said when he phoned.
The end of the world was postponed.
Hearts heal much quicker when they're young.

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In case you're curious - rhyme is AABBC DDEEC *Smile* The meter is 8 ... except where it isn't *Laugh*

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