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a pup has a flea and must have a flea bath but don't want one.

Doggie has a flea
By Lisa Ann Noe

My Doggie has a flea, he itches all the time I want to help him with relief but I don’t know how too.  I’ll give my doggie a bath but I shall feel his wrath because he hates the water and I guess the soap.  But I shall do it nonetheless because my doggie is miserable.  He cries with out stopping, his whine is piercing my ears. I don’t get aggravated at my fuzzy little friend because on him I know I can always depend. I know the bites of the fleas hurt and itch my little fuzzy pup.

In the bathroom I fill the bathtub full of warm water, I’m sure to check the temperature so as not to hurt my friendly little guy.  He runs and tries to hide from me, but it does him no good, for I know where his place is, where he feels safe and sound.  I arm him up within my arms and carry the medium-size dog to the bathroom.  I set him gently in the tub because now it is time for rub-a-dub-dub. He fights me every step, he jumps out and heads straight for the door; but I know my little pup well, so I had closed the door to where he could not get out. I place him back in the tub and he starts struggling but I hold him in place. He stands there trembling from fear even though I’m very near.  I take a cup and fill it with warm water, then I pour it over him, this I repeat several times until my little doggie is soaked with water.  I then take the flea shampoo I bought from the pet supply store and pour a small amount on to his fur.  I then lather the soap into a thick foam. This action will rid my little pup of all his fleas.  I then spread towels out over the floor and call my doggie by name, “here Mingo”; he jumps out of the tub and runs over to me as happy as he can be. He shakes his dripping wet body all over the place and soaks my clothes.  I take a towel and dry him and I have a special collar for his neck, a flea collar.  To further ensure he is rid of the rascally fleas I take a vile of medicine and poor the liquid contents on to the fur of my pup. Now I can be assured he can rest easy from the varmints.

Now Mingo can run and jump and frolic in the yard without a care in the world.  It is important to rid the dog from the insects for they spread disease.
And can cause terrible bites to dogs and humans.  If you see a flea on your pup, bathe him good in warm water, using flea shampoo and then use a collar combined with a vile of medicine called frontline, which your parents can obtain from the veterinarian (the pet doctor) or your pet store, and most large department stores.  But it is important that your parents use the medicine on the dog because it can be hazardous to you. The flea shampoo and collar can also be obtained from the same places. 
Always ask your parents permission before bathing the pup they may want to assist you.  Your pup will thank you and he or she will feel so much better.    The End.

Authors Note:  This story is meant for older children, over the age of 10, because it is a how-to project on bathing a dog.  Younger children should not attempt to do this on their own, it is for mature children only.
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