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by Jezri
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A woman wakes up not knowing where or who she is
I didn’t know who I was or how I came to be here. I dreamed. I was three years old. And a woman was carrying me in one arm and pulling a boy behind her.

“Carl, hurry up. We have to get out of here before your daddy comes back.”

The boy pulled back. “I forgot Mr. Wiggles.”

“We’ll come back for him later. Carl!”

The boy broke loose and went running back into the house we had come out of.

On the street a car’s horn beeped. A woman leaned out the window. “Marlene, hurry up. I have a bad feeling about this.”

“Here.” The woman carrying me opened the door and set me inside. “I’ll be right back, I have to get Carl.”

“Mommy, don’t leave me.” I reached out my arms, grabbing at the woman.

“I’ll be right back, Franny.”

She stepped back to shut the door. I saw him behind her, but I didn’t know the danger. I smiled, reaching out, “DADDY!” He reached an arm around the woman I’d called mommy and pulled her back, while putting a knife to her throat with his other hand. I stared, not comprehending the red line that appeared on her throat.

The woman in the front seat began to scream. “David, drive. GO, GO, GO!”

He dropped mommy then and reached in the car for me. The car surged forward and I fell backwards. I shrieked when the door swung inwards. It thumped loudly against daddy’s head, and then he fell backwards, out of the car. The door swung inwards again, this time clicking shut. I watched out the back window as my home and everyone I loved faded into the background.

“It will be okay, Franny, the woman in the front seat was saying. Everything’s going to be okay.”

That’s when the road split open and the demon rose from the ground.

I woke, covered in sweat. Outside my room I smelled something… yummy. Cautiously I climbed out of bed and headed for the door. A woman was outside, waitng.

“Take it easy,” she said. “Hunter won’t be too happy if you injure yourself. Not after everything he did to save your life.”

“I’m sorry.. I don’t understand. Who are you?”

The woman frowned. “You don’t remember anything? Well, that will come back in time. Are you hungry?”

My stomach rumbled and I looked away embarrassed when the woman chuckled.

“Here,” she said, holding out her wrist. “A little of my blood might stave off your hunger until Hunter gets back with some food for you.”

I looked at her wrist and grimaced. “Your blood… What are you talking about?”

She took one of her nails and opened her wrist. I watched in fascination as blood trickled out of the wound. Hungrily I licked my lips, stopping when I felt the tips of my canines. They were sharpened. Horrified, I looked at the woman and saw the truth in her eyes. The word came to me… Vampire. I shuddered.

The smell of her blood reached my nose. I only hesitated a moment before grabbing her wrist and sealing my lips around it. I sucked, pulling in the liquid, surprised at how good it tasted. I licked at the cut, pushing it open, so that more blood leaked out and drank greedily.

“Take it easy,” she said, but she didn’t pull away. Instead she put her other hand on the back of my head and encouraged me to drink more.

“Damn it, Sandra,” a voice said by the door, “I had wanted to explain it to her myself.”

“She woke up and she was hungry,” Sandra said. “What else was I supposed to do?”

The man was familiar to me. My heart beat, his eyes drew me in as the events of the last few days came back.

His arms around me, kissing me… teeth, sharp, voices yelling, my friends coming for me. Joseph… William…
Glass breaking.

“You bit me,” I said, accusing.

“I saved your life.”

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