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time is study,study is time
perfection is timed as tame
to study time is to tame
the knowledge base of a mind is facet
to study time is to conquer one's ability
perception is the knowledge of wisdom
illusion is a frame of mind
the study of a mind is the base of a mind
a scene is an insight
a mind is an onslaught

timing is the base of a study mind
we accept knowledge as it is
knowledge is a materialistic effort
illusion is knowledge's of mind
an insight is an on sight
fading is an onslaught
between the lines lies the enemy eye
spiritual is an acceptance
wisdom is a spiritual inspiration

knowledge is spiritual so is wisdom
the spirit has many knowledgeable facet
for reason there are reasons
many things happen for many reasons
the spirit upheld its enemy
the knowledge base of a mind is spiritual
for many reasons the enemy belies the spirit
wisdom is the spirit way of saying knowledge is spiritual
the aspect of knowledge is the aspect of wisdom
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