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100 uses for a waste paper bin - as you do!
1.          For holding rubbish
2.          Drum
3.          Kids temporary bath
4.          Hat
5.          Drink decanter
6.          For chilling drinks
7.          For producing giant food mixes
8.          For drinking out of
9.          To store stationary
10.          For recycling
11.          As a sick bucket
12.          As a temporary toilet
13.          Collection of water
14.          To put under leaks
15.          For hiding in
16.          Collection of post
17.          To hold an animal whilst cleaning out their cage
18.          As a stool
19.          As a step
20.          As a vase
21.          As a mold
22.          A piece in a giant game of checkers
23.          A piece in a giant game of chess
24.          A piece in a giant game of drafts
25.          A piece in a giant game of monopoly
26.          To store food
27.          To store books
28.          To store CDs
29.          To store everything x1000 haha
30.          Home brewing tank
31.          Giant rolling-pin
32.          As body armour
33.          Providing a privacy screen
34.          As a shield
35.          As a sieve
36.          As a skirt
37.          As a boob-tube
38.          A bookmark
39.          A lampshade
40.          Dog cone thing
41.          As a plant pot
42.          Giant string telephone
43.          Cheese grater (a mesh wastepaper bin)
44.          As a ash tray
45.          Candle holder
46.          As a table
47.          As a washing up bowl
48.          Dirty washing basket
49.          As a very hard pillow
50.          As a book end
51.           Basketball basket
52.          As a doorstop
53.          As a money box
54.          As a mini stage
55.          As a water butt
56.          As a golf hole
57.          As a giant coffee cup
58.          As a hamster
59.          As a washing machine drum
60.          As a giant light switch
61.          A shoe
62.          As a bread bin
63.          As a wheel of a model car
64.          As a footstool
65.          For stilts
66.          As a spider detainment centre
67.          As a football net
68.          As a giant egg cup
69.          As a yoghurt pot
70.          As a picnic basket
71.          As a cycle helmet
72.          As an ice bucket
73.          As a mouse trap
74.          As a carry basket for a cat
75.          As a Darlek costume
76.          As a weather vein
77.          As a cake stand
78.          As a mini pond
79.          As a light spreader at a party
80.          As a air bubble for a very big water spider
81.          As a crab pot
82.          For brewing up Ribena based alcohol
83.          As a Jousting helmet
84.          Ukulele tidy for parties
85.          Olympic pool for your flea circus
86.          Paint it orange - traffic cone
87.          Basket of a hot air balloon for dolls
88.          As a measure for corn
89.          As a disposable campfire
90.          As a wok
91.          As a cage
92.          As a igloo
93.          As a prison for recidivist beetles
94.          As a pommel horse
95.          As a mini beer keg
96.          As giant ear muffs
97.          As a key holder
98.          As a speed bump
99.          As a giant bottle top
100.           As a straw holder
101.           As a deep-fat fryer
102.          As a fisherman's net
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