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A poem about the roles we all play and a question of who's most important.
Who's Most Important?

You're most important, you're first on the list
  but hold off a minute till you get my gist,
for I will propose that you will soon see
  we all play a role in society.

We all have to eat, so a farmer is great.
  He puts food on the table, meat on our plate,
but if the food's tainted, a Doctor we'll need
  to give us a shot, put us back in the lead.

The road crew's important, or stuck we would be.
  Some pavement to travel on makes us all free!
So you should be patient when roadwork is blocking
  remember how far you would have to be walking.

Policemen are needed to ward of the stabbers.
  They risk life and limb, those professional nabbers.
The Judge is important to view all the facts
  if a person is bad and commits the wrong acts.

A jailer is needed to lock up the sinner,
  make sure they stay put and feed them some dinner.
A carpenter's needed to build you a house.
  The pest control worker can track down a mouse.

We might need a nurse or a teacher's correction,
  a Vet for our dog, that we treat with affection.
Inventors who come up with ways to enhance
  the lives that we lead every day in our dance.

Shopkeepers help us, provide us with things
  so we can have comfort, a bed with some springs.
A minister feeds us with spiritual thoughts
  bring us closer to God if our guts are in knots.

Some form of government has to be seated
  at times, to make war if a country's defeated.
The soldiers that hold us from harm and do battle
  and pilots whose bombs make the earth below rattle.

The garbage collectors, the water plant guys,
  electricians and plumbers, investors who buy.
My list could go on but I'm sure you can see
  we all need each other to live and be free.     

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