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Using concrete nouns to describe life
Life is like a handbag. You seem to spend forever rummaging around, trying to find that one thing you need so you can move forward. Just as you’re about to scream in frustration and give up, the thing you were looking for will jump into your hand as if it was there all along.

Life is like a painter’s palette. All the colours are there for you to use. All you have to do is decide how to mix them.

Life is like a train journey. You can take several different routes to get to the same place. Also, you have to make many stops along the way – wherever you’re going

Life is like an old tree. It looks like it always stays the same, but subtle changes are occurring all the time.

Life is like marathon. Some times you run, some times sprint and some times you walk but you’re always going to finish somewhere on the course.

Life is like a kettle. Sometimes you’ll be cold, sometimes you’ll get heated, but sometimes you’ll just need to let off steam.

Life is like a boomerang. What you send out will get back to you eventually.

Life is like a newspaper. Sometimes the headlines will be good; sometimes they will be bad or even controversial. But whatever way you look at it, they are all forced stories.

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