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by KAM
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A moral story for everyone of any ages!
The Ungrateful Fox
Have you ever wondered why Ravens and Foxes are so hostile to each other ? You will find out after you read this story, you will also learn that you should also give thanks for things that you have because those things can be taken away from your. And it also the moral is cherish the time you have with your loved ones.

Sadly, this little cub fox lost his troop and had no shelter and nothing to fill his hungry stomach that was growling for hours. Whimpering and weeping the raven overheard the cry and searched out to see who was crying. Suddenly the raven and the fox encountered each other. Boastfully the fox asked for food and a place to lie his head down at night, and the raven provided everything that fox could ever wish or ask for. And the raven made the fox part of her family. She taught him everything a good fox should know, she even called him her son. She noticed how cunning the fox was in hunting, and she made sure that she taught him how to hunt so she did not have to when she got older.

Hesitantly, the fox would eat 3 meals for breakfast, 3 meals for lunch and 3 meals for dinner. And he would ask for more and more food, greedily she would watch the fox eat the food. But her 3 chicks did not like the fox because they thought he was ungrateful and selfish. The fox would eat food even when he was not even hungry. But her heart said maybe you can coax the fox to be grateful. But she always tried and it always failed, but she still had faith in the fox. Years later the chicks grew up to be strong independent ravens while the fox still depended on the raven to get him food. And every day she was getting weaker and older and weaker and older. Until one day she could only provide seeds and berries for the fox and he insulted his raven mother and never came back to see her. Just like her raven children said he was selfish so they had to take care of their old and saddened mother.

Surprisingly, the fox found his herd and when his raven siblings begged him to come see his raven mother he refused because he believed in his heart that she did not care or love him. He was becoming to be one or the greatest fox hunters that his troop ever seen. And every time they would ask him how he learned to hunt so good. Selfishly he would say”Use your instincts and they will guided you in the right direction to eat pray.” The ravens feathers look as if they were faded and dying because she missed her fox. One day the fox was eavesdropping on his fox mother and she said “ The reason why i abandoned my son because he was greedy and I am happy he depended on someone or something because he would eat and eat and I could not hunt for the lazy boy”. As soon as he heard that his fox mother did not really want him he went to seek out his real mother ,raven but by the time he came to visit she was died. And the ravens did not allow him to be at the funeral because they had the misconception that all foxes are selfish and are lazy beings. So the rest of the foxes life he grieved about what he did to his mother, and when he died he was buried right next to his mother raven.

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