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A day in the life of an immortal
A Day In the Life of Nikkita


Nikkita’s alarm goes off. Angrily she tries to hit the snooze button but, instead it breaks into pieces. She rolls out of bed and looks at the alarm clock. Nikkita gets dressed in a black leather bike suit. Before she leaves her room she sets an alarm on her phone for the next morning. She walks into her living room a reminder of her immortality. She pauses in front of a wall of her dead children, many of them died of old age.

“I miss you guys,” She murmurs before walking away.


Nikkita finishes eating her scrambled eggs and Vodka. She somberly begins cleaning up. Her cell phone starts ringing.

“Hello this is Nikkita,” she answers excitedly. Its Adam her oldest living son.

“How are things going?” he asks. His voice is tired and old. Nikkita smiles, usually she tries to stay out of her kids’ lives. Eventually people believe she’s the kid not the parent.

“Good. I’ve been fixing my bike. Oh, I just had some of that vodka you bought for my birthday! It tastes…”

“Nikkita you’re drinking at almost 6am in the morning?” Adam asked very surprised.

“Look I don’t get drunk so it’s cool. I don’t work today either,” Nikkita commented. Adam sighed.

“Remember New York 1997.”Nikkita sighed, the one day a cop gave her a breathalyzer.

“Fine I’ll wait until noon,” she responded closing up the bottle. “How’s things holding up on your end,” Nikkita asked opening the door to her fridge.

“They want to put me in a home,” Adam answered. He could hear the fridge door slam shut.

“How about my place?” Nikkita asked hopefully. Adam didn’t want to tell Nikkita that her house could be creepy.

“Mom if you improved the house a bit, then maybe okay,” Adam lied. There was no chance he would live there.

“Come by at six. It’ll be ready.” Nikkita stated excitedly hanging up.


Nikkita was done cleaning everything up except for that wall of pictures. She stared at the wall for a half hour. Where do I put them? I’ll go find a bin downstairs, Nikkita thought as she tried to open the door to her basement. It wouldn’t budge.

“Какого черта!” Nikkita exclaimed. “What the hell!”

“Of all the pictures you have up there, you don’t even have an illustration of me.”

Nikkita turned around and saw an almost exact duplicate of herself.

“Who are you?” Nikkita asked, bewildered. The woman shrugged.

“Your mother,” the woman answered. Nikkita went to shake her hand it passed right through.

“Why are you here?” Nikkita asked, bewildered. “Are you here to kill me? What’s your name?”

“Nikki, and I’m here tear down the pictures with you,” the spirit responded. The two of them shared a laugh.

“Just to make sure, am I crazy or does this happen to everyone else?” Nikkita asked quickly.

“You’re pretty sane for a 300 year old Russian,” Nikki answered.

“Before we get started, why are you helping me take down my memories?” Nikkita asked quietly.

“It’s an open casket,” Nikki answered. Nikkita snapped. No one ever disrespected the wall like that before.

“Fuck you! I’m going to get an alarm clock,” Nikkita stormed towards the door. Nikki thought a moment.

“You do know there’s a gas leak in the,” Nikki stated angrily. Nikkita pulled out her cell phone and walked outside.

“Stupid gas company,” Nikkita muttered as she punched the phone number into her cell phone. Nikki floated outside the house and looked around. Nikkita followed her onto the porch. The neighborhood was an open sewer. It seemed like all the criminals in San Francisco lived there. Turning around she saw Nikkita’s house, it was beautiful. The beauty of the house was only a mask for Nikkita’s loneliness.

“The gas is off,” Nikkita said angrily as she hung up. The two of them went around back and entered through the basement.

“You ever think about improving your neighborhood?” Nikki asked. Nikkita looked her straight in the eye.

“In a hundred years nothing I do now will matter,” Nikkita replied despondently. Nikki floated towards her daughter.

“You’ve been given a gift.”

“A curse!” Nikkita screamed breaking down into tears. “I’ve watched my whole family die!”

“It’s not as bad as watching your daughter spending an eternity destroying herself! Just because you’re in heaven doesn’t mean life’s perfect. I mean Gandhi and Martin Luther King Jr. slap boxing, JFK hitting on everybody, damn snake charmer,” Nikki finished. Nikkita started laughing.

“He got you too. Damn guy said he was going to dump Marilyn for me. Still, he was a much better president than Nixon,” Nikkita said, bringing the box upstairs. Nikki smiled as they began putting the pictures away.


Nikkita was putting the boxes into a storage container. She looked around for Nikki who wasn’t there. Nikkita shrugged and continued putting the boxes away. She was alone again but Nikki was right, she couldn’t keep living in the past. And she couldn’t keep destroying herself. Once she finished, Nikkita drove right to home depot to get supplies for rebuilding the neighborhood.



Nikki was up in heaven at a court hearing. God was the judge. A man whispered into her ear.

“Tuesday Jackie and I are going to need some help setting up our campaign platform.”

“Why don’t you leave me alone John?” Nikki asked as JFK retreated. The Jury came back.

“Hey Zeus what’s the verdict?” God asked. Zeus gave him a nasty look.

“MY NAME IS ZEUS, NOT JESUS. YOU KNOW? FATHER OF APOLLO. DON’T FUCK WITH ME OR I’ll SHOVE A LIGHTNING BOLT UP YOUR ASS. ZEUS! Oh and we believe she should go back to earth,” Zeus answered. God sighed.

“I agree she was able to change her daughter around. I give her eternal life,” God finished as Nikki passed out.


Nikkita stopped by Boston Market and picked up some dinner. She opened the door to her house and saw Nikki sitting on a chair. Nikki raced up to Nikkita and shook her hand.

“You….You’re alive,” Nikkita stated. “I knew talking to Bruce Campbell would pay off some day,” Nikkita stated proudly. Nikki laughed with her daughter.

“Let’s hope Adam can stay here,” Nikki said, hugging her daughter.

“It’s his decision to make. Just like mine was to keep those pictures on the wall and then take them down,” Nikkita answered. “Besides, heaven’s overrated.”

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