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There was Uncle Sam, his finger poking,recruiting Zombies!
Dawn Of The … Recruits?

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“Warm bodies wanted. Enter here. Apply.”
Though funny, that wasn’t what caught my eye.
There was Uncle Sam, his finger poking,
recruiting Zombies! You must be joking!

With much more curiosity than sense,
I entered to see what sort of pretense
was going on. Imagine my surprise
when a zombie appeared before my eyes.

Dressed as a Sergeant, he welcomed me in.
His words were slurred – he was missing his chin –
but the meaning was clear. This was for real.
“Sign up today and you’ll get a great deal.”

“Benefits? Don’t need them once you are dead
and you can’t get fired if you keep your head.
Free training’s provided, though on this job
it doesn’t take much to lurch in a mob.”

I felt a bit nervous after I saw
throughout his talk he just stared at my jaw.
“I know what you’re thinking,” he finally said.
“You’ve probably seen Dawn of the Dead.

“We zombies are totally misunderstood.
We’re not really bad, we’re actually good.
We’re mostly non-violent. It’s in our contracts.
Leave it to Hollywood to twist the facts.”

“What do you say? Are you ready to sign?
You can start today if you sign on the line.”
I had been edging toward the “exit” door.
“I’m not quite ready. I need to think more.”

“Well don’t think too much,” he said with a grin.
“Before you go, I’ve a form to fill in.
It’s just a record to show that we spoke.
It’s all these forms that keep our country broke.”

“I’ve got your name. Is this address right?
And can I assume that you’ll be home tonight?”
As I ran for the door, I could hear a howl
of laughter that somehow escaped through his jowl.

I ran out of breath four blocks away.
That’s when it hit me: Where could I stay?
He was probably kidding but could I assume?
I wonder if Mom and Dad have any room.

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