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A surprise for your little cousin goes terribly wrong. *Shrinking*
It was a late summer day at your house. You had taken up the responsibility of babysitting your six year old cousin Conner while both of your parents were gone on a boating trip.  It wasn’t the first time you watched the boy, and the both of you got along great.

Conner really looked up to you, almost bordering on idol worship.  Every time the boy was over, he would smother you with attention, hardly ever even allowing you a moment to yourself. The little dude genuinely thought you were the coolest person ever. Having never had a little brother of your own, you fully welcomed the warm admiration.

The kid didn't realize it yet, but you had a big....or actually 'little' surprise planned for him this particular evening.

Conner rushed back into the living room after having taken a quick trip to the bathroom.

“Mike! Can we play hide and seek now?!” The boy requested excitedly with a wide smile. The two of you had just finished playing a board game together.

“Heh, sure bud, I just wanted to surprise you with something first….” You ruffled your hand through boy's short dark hair playfully.

The six year old's caramel colored eyes suddenly lit up.

“A surprise?!” Conner gasped

“Yep! I promise that it’s going to be the most amazing thing you’ve ever seen!”

“Let me see! Let me see! Let me see!” The boy began to jump up and down excitedly.

“First you gotta sit down and close your eyes!” You spoke sternly.

Without hesitation, Conner plopped down onto his knees clasped his hands over his eyes.

“No peeking!” You warned just as you noticed his fingers open slightly.

“Oookaaaaaay” The boy whined, covering over his eyes with his palms.

After waiting a moment to make sure Conner really wasn't really peaking, you quickly pulled out a small, grey, marble-shaped device from your pants pocket.

You had purchased it from a traveling salesmen at a shady flea market a couple weeks back.  The man selling it claimed it to be a rare, one-of-a-kind shrinking device. You didn't actually think the guy was telling the truth, but he was selling it for a pretty cheap price.  Eventually, you were astonished to learn it that the salesmen had actually been telling the truth! You found that the device temporarily shrinks you down for exactly five minutes before returning you to your original size.

You knew right away that you HAD to surprise someone with it, and who better than your little cousin Conner?  You imagined how shocked the boy would be after opening his eyes and finding you a half an inch tall!

When you heard that you were going to need to babysit him, the plan just fell together perfectly.

“Is it ready yet?” Conner whined, his feet twitching impatiently beneath him.

“Alright, count down from ten, then open your eyes and look over at the coffee table in front of you, got it?” .

“Okay!!” The boy stated excitedly before beginning to count down.

“Alright… here goes…” You took placed down the device onto the coffee table, clicking a small button in its side before immediately sitting down next to it.

Suddenly, a bright blue light engulfed you.

You now found yourself now standing on the vast, glossy wooden surface of the coffee table. Conner was just finishing his count down, so you quickly hurried over to the edge of the table to greet the now colossal boy.


Conner lowered his hands, his eyes immediately began darting across the wooden table in front of him.

The boy was confused for a moment. Nothing seemed very out of the ordinary at first, at least until a small bug-sized movement on the edge of the table caught his attention.

The curious young boy crawled up closer to get a better look. His gigantic face encompassed your entire vision like a movie theater screen as his warm, sweet-scented breathing washed over you. A part of you began to feel sort of uneasy. You knew he was going to look huge, but not THIS huge.  You hadn't quite anticipated that you were going to feel so insignificant and vulnerable in comparison.

Shaking off your nerves, you began to wave your arms. “C-CONNER!! HAHAA DOWN HERE!!! LOOK IT'S ME!!”  you screamed with a huge nervous grin.

The boys eyes snapped open in awe as he realized what he was looking at. It wasn't a bug, it was a tiny person! and not just any tiny person, it was his cousin Mike!

“Woooow….NO WAAAAAY!!!” He eyed you closer.

“MIKE, IS THAT YOU?!?” The kid gasped.

“YEP!!!” Told you you’d be surprised! How do I look?!”

“THIS IS SOOO COOOOL~” Conner grinned as he began to slowly reach for you with one of his gargantuan hands.

Your previous feeling of unease returned as the hand began to quickly close in on you.

Starting to fear that the boy might accidentally end up harming you, you began to back away while waving your arms from side to side, hoping that the giant would understand your reluctance to be grabbed.  Luckily Conner seemed to pick up on this and stopped at the last second.

“Oh, sorryy~ hehe!!!” Conner apologized before turning over his hand and lowering his open palm down against the edge of the coffee table. "Here! get on~" The boy ordered innocently.

He still didn't quite seem to understand that you didn't want to be held at all. You had only meant for all of this to be a momentarily surprise. You didn't expect that he'd be so quick to try to grab you. If possible, you'd prefer if he just safely observed until you automatically grew back.

“Hehe, It's okay little guy~!” Conner giggled loudly as his other enormous hand started to push up against your back, forcing you off the table into his other palm.

“W-wait! CONNER!!! STOP!”  You shout in vain as the hand effortlessly pushed you right into the middle of the warm fleshy surface.

“Coooool!”  Conner rose his hand up to his face and stared at you with his enormous eyes. Though you couldn’t see it, a huge toothy smile was plastered to his face.

“You’re so tiny!!” The boy continued to point out your size.

You weren’t exactly expecting this reaction from him. You had thought that he would praise you as being the coolest cousin ever, or stroke your ego like he always does…… but Instead…

Conner ‘s eyes sure sparkled alright, but not with any sort of admiration. He was acting more like a kid who just got his hands on a brand new plaything.

“Oh wait! Now I can finally play the villager game with a real person!!!” Conner shouted, not realizing how deafening his voice had now become.

Cupping your ears in pain, you wondered to yourself what this ‘villager game’ was all about.

Without warning, the boy lowered his hand to the floor and tilted it. You felt yourself tumble down onto the cool polished floor below.

“THIS IS SO COOL! It’s like I’m a real giant!” The boy giggled as he stood up fully and stared down at you. A lightbulb suddenly turned on in the six year olds head as he looked over at the various items on the coffee table.

“These should do!” He muttered loudly.

The boy grabbed a handful of cocoa puffs from a bowl on the table and dropped them down onto the floor. The orbs of chocolate cereal scattered around you; one almost even hit you.

“FE FI FO FUM!” Conner imitated a generic giant-like voice as he raised a bare foot over a puff near his feet..

With a loud CRUNCH, the piece was crushed instantly beneath his enormous sole. 

“No escaping a giant like me!” Conner boasted in a low voice.

His eyes remained fixed on you, almost as if he wanted to catch your reaction. He appeared to be playing some sort of game of pretend. For whatever reason, he seemed really excited by the prospect of playing the role of a giant.  Though you were sure that he didn't actually intend to harm you, it was definitely clear that the boy was having some sort of weird kid-like power trip.  You began to wonder to yourself how often he plays this 'game'. The whole ‘I’m a giant’ thing seemed to just come out of no where.

After stomping out the last puff of cereal, Conner apparently decided he wasn't yet finished.  Reaching over, he grabbed the rest of the bowl, accidentally knocking it over on the table. Undeterred, the boy cupped his hand down on the tabletop and swept up the stray orbs of cereal into his palm, not taking a moment to notice that one of the 'coco-puffs' was a bit larger than the rest, and had a oddly 'grey' color.

Just like he had done before, Conner dropped everything in his hand to the floor below.

“Oh look! More Villagers!!!! I KNOW WHERE YOU BELONG!!” 

Conner was loving every moment of this, each time his foot came down, he let out a cute boyish giggle. 

As you watched the giant kid continue to enjoy himself, you suddenly noticed something unnervingly familiar on the floor among the mess of puffs. It was the device you had used to shrink yourself! and it wasn't very far ahead of the Conner's feet!

“W…wait a minute.... wait WAIT WAIT!!!” You came to the terrible realization just a bit too late as Conner’s foot slowly rose up into the air, directly over the delicate grey marble.



Instantly, as the device was flattened, you felt a sharp static sting radiate over your body.

“W-….what the..??.” You looked down and patted your self. You didn't know what, but you could already tell that something was wrong.

Conner continued on with his playful stomping, as if the device had been just another small, unimportant thing to crush.

You stared down at your watch nervously as the time passed by the five minute mark.

“No……” You felt a feeling of deep dread settle over you.

You were supposed to have returned to your normal size by now, but instead...

You looked back up at the grinning boy as he continued to bring his foot down mercilessly over the bits of cereal. You could tell that his imagination was really running wild now.

“Oh look! There's just ONE MORE left!” Conner sneered wickedly as he positioned his foot over you.  As far as he knew, you were still in complete control of your size and could change back any time you wanted.

"C-CONNER!! STOP!! I'M SERIOUS!! I'M NOT PLAYING AROUND ANYMORE!!" You kept screaming up at the young giant, but your tiny voice just wasn't loud enough to reach him from all the way down on the floor.

You couldn't help but feel utterly helpless as the boy’s foot hovered over you. You could clearly make out every little detail of the enormous smooth sole as flakes of pulverized cereal fell around you.

Conner was enjoying himself so much that he began wiggling his toes over his 'little' cousin, almost in a taunting manner. Seemingly lost in character, Conner eagerly readied foot to stomp you flat.

Before you even consciously realized it, you were already running away as quickly as your little legs could carry you. You didn't really want to believe that Conner was actually going to hurt you, but that didn't stop the instinctive part of your brain from sending you away from the clear impending danger.

As the young giant started to lower down his foot, he noticed that you were beginning to run away. He began to giggle, thinking you were purposely playing into his little game of pretend.

"Nuh uh! No getting away little guy!" Conner shouted playfully as the underside of his foot easily caught up with your pathetically slow pace. You started to stumble with increased panic as the view above you was replaced by a colossal fleshy ceiling. The gigantic soft sole continued to slowly descend towards your bug sized form. Just looking around, you could immediately tell that there was no way you were going to be able to escape from beneath the colossal foot before it touched down.

Exhausted and terrified, you finally tripped, pleading frantically for Conner to stop.


The light visible beneath the foot dimmed into shadowy darkness as the pudgy sole finally made contact with you. You kept trying to call out your little cousin's name as you were forcefully pinned down into submission.

As he carefully rested his foot down flat against the floor, Conner's eyes seemed to light up. The previously excited boy suddenly went totally still as he focused all his attention on the feeling of his cousin's puny body squirming under the balls of his foot. The boy just stood there, staring down with fascination as he lightly sucked on the tip of his right index finger.

The six year old was kind of surprised you had allowed him to take his little game this far. Never before did he ever think he'd actually get to feel what it was like to have a tiny person pinned under his foot like this. It was such a neat feeling, it almost felt like butterflies were flying around in his tummy. The sensation was only heightened further as he carefully pressed down a little harder, causing you to squirm even more.

-Surely his cousin didn't mind him doing this. If he had, he probably would have already changed himself back- Conner rationalized to himself with a smile as he applied a bit more pressure. For some reason he just loved the feeling of his cousin's puny little squirming under his foot~

You screamed out in escalating turmoil as the immense doughy sole pressed you down with increasing pressure.

"CONNER!! PLEASE STOP!!! NO!! TOO MUCH!!! TOO MU...CH.." You were hardly even able to breath anymore as your lungs compressed further. The pressure hadn't been so bad initially, but now you could definitely tell that you were in real trouble now. There was no way that your body was going to be able to psychically handle much more of this. All you could do was hopelessly resist the tremendous force with every last bit of your strength, praying that Conner would realize that you were in real danger.

The giant second grader continued to stare down at his foot with corrupt fascination. As he leaned on more of his weight, he started to notice that your wriggling was beginning to wane. The boy frowned for a second, figuring it just meant he needed to apply more pressure.

The boy began to feel his pulse pounding in his ears as indulgently began to lean on more and more of his weight unti-*KRRSSHH*

The boy's eyes grew wide with shock as he felt your tiny form suddenly collapse under his sole. He immediately noticed an odd feeling of wetness against his skin as he lifted his foot up off the floor. The six year old carefully balanced himself on one leg as he turned his right foot over in his hands.

He stared down at the bottom of his foot with guilty delight.

All that remained of you was a little red splotch on his upper sole.


(Ending 1)



Having been just moments away from lowering his foot down on to you, Conner suddenly pulled his leg back and began to rub his belly.

“I’m hungrrrry” the boy groaned with a frown.

The cocoa puffs you had left on the table were supposed to have been meant for him, but now…

Conner stared down at you with a smile as an idea popped into his head.

“I’ll be right back!” The giant boy turned around and trodded out of the room, each vibration of his steps were like earthquakes.

You sighed with relief. A bead of sweat had formed across your neck during that whole experience.  You wonder how far the boy might have gone had his stomach hadn’t interceded.

“Crap…..what should I do now….?” You were already pondering how you were going to get out of this situation.  Somehow you needed to make Conner aware that you were in trouble. 

You suddenly remembered that there was a pencil and paper on the coffee table.  Perhaps if you could break off the tip of the pencil, you would be able to write a message for communicating. Luckily for you, the legs of the table were spirals, making it easy for you to reach the top with a little time and effort.

After about two minutes you managed to make it to the top. Knowing that it wouldn’t be much longer before Conner returned, you quickly ran to the sheet of paper that now lay across the back cover of one of your new books. After a short struggle, you were able to break a piece of granite from the pencil.

Before you were even able to think of what to write, Conner came back into the room with a medium sized bowl of vanilla pudding. Mike had told the boy that he had prepared the pudding for him so he could have it as a late night dessert, but Conner apparently didn't feel like waiting. With his older cousin practically the size of a bug, it was likely that the kid had figured he had free reign to do and have whatever he wanted.

“Mike….where did you go…?”Conner scanned the floor, only to find the previously crushed cereal, sugar, and scrap.
Thinking it was more likely he’d notice the note, you started to scrawl out your message. 

Conner’s interest in where you were was quickly cancelled by the sound of his stomach gurgling again.
With a light plop, the six year old took a seat on the couch in front of the coffee table and placed the bowl down onto the other side of the book, completely unaware of your presence only a few inches away. Unexpectedly, the stiffness of the book’s spine caused the back cover to jolt upwards.

You screamed as you now found yourself soaring through the air. The journey didn’t last long, as you met face-first with a gooey impact.

You struggled in horror the instant you realized where you had landed; the scent of vanilla was unmistakable.  If the high circular walls around you weren’t enough evidence, the giant spoon wielding six your old above you certainly was.

“CONNER!!!!” You cried as the massive spoon made its first impact with the yummy cream colored pudding. 
After a quick scoop, the hungry kid brought the shining eating utensil up to his lips where he quickly deposited it into his large, vacant mouth.  Now layered with a fresh coating of both pudding and saliva, the spoon quickly returned for another scoop…and another…and another.  You desperately tried to swim, but the pudding was just too thick for your tiny arms and legs fight against.

The pudding must not have been very filling to the growing boy, especially considering how quickly he was devouring the stuff.  Your tiny cries were continuously interrupted by the sound of Conner’s ravenous gulping.

You could only watch from down below as the spoon passed through the Conner’s lips repeatedly.  You could only pray that he would somehow notice your struggles.  It’s not like Conner was watching TV or anything; in fact, he was pretty much staring directly into the bowl with a blank hungry stare the entire time.

It didn’t take long for your luck to run out.  One of the many scoops just happened to catch you.

You began to plead hysterically for the boy to notice you. You now realized that nothing you had asked, commanded,  or even pleaded for were ever once acknowledged by the boy the moment you shrunk. His respect for you was seemingly erased along with your size.

Before you now was the face of the boy who had idolized you his entire life. The boy who you taught to play video games. The boy who said he wanted to be just like you when he grew up.  The creamy pudding residue caught on the corners of his mouth was quickly licked away as his huge glistening tongue traced across his moist pink lips.

Conner began to open wide for the next spoonful.

“CONNER CONNER NO!!!!!!!!!!!!”  You continued to struggle violently in the thick viscous substance. The inside of Conner’s mouth was dripping the mixture saliva and pudding.


Darkness and heat washed over you before a quick *NOM……SLURRP*

With a quick, casual movement of the spoon, you found yourself pressed up against Conner’s tongue.

Pulling the spoon out for the next scoop, Conner didn’t hesitate to swallow, just a he did with all the previous spoonfuls.

You cried as the boy’s tongue lifted, sending you and the blob of pudding to the back of his mouth where his throat began.

Just like the boy had done instinctively his entire life, his throat muscles seized and….


Conner continued to chow down on the yummy vanilla pudding until he found himself licking away at the bottom of the bowl.  The boy’s stomach churned as it began to digest the delicious nutrient.  Conner continued to search for you, but he simply couldn’t find you. No one would ever find you.

(Ending 2)
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