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Sky, sees her refection and does not understand her worth.
The Sky looked into the mirror and she saw a vast expanse of blue, and that was all the reflection showed her. Nothing but a huge blue blob, she thought as she looked.
How am I any good to anyone? I am nothing, not even as beautiful as the clouds with their puffy white, or a flower that shares its fragrance with everyone. I am nothing, at all.

The forlorn Sky, thought on her reflection, of all the things she wished that she could be none of them was even close to what she was.

The Sun in its wisdom looked at the Sky. “What is it that has made you feel so sad.”
She whispered her reply feeling somewhat ashamed to speak to the all-important Sun. “I saw my reflection, and I am nothing just a huge blob of blue.”

The Sun Smiled upon the Sky. "You know if you look only at a reflection you see only what is on the surface. When you look upon me you see only a glowing mass of yellow and red."

"You are so much more than yellow and red you are the most important thing to so many."

"Yet my reflection shows only a yellow ball so far out of reach that none could ever come close."

"Your reflection shows warmth and brightness."

"You see, my dear a reflection is all in one’s perception. It is not a true, measure of worth. For if I was to judge myself by my reflection it would be but a shallow perception of what it is that I am."

"How then am I to tell what I am worth? Since all I see is an endless blob of blue?"

The Sun thought this over for a moment and decided that it would be best to let the Sky feel for just one day what a human felt about her.

"Sky, for just one day, starting at dawn until dusk, tomorrow you and a single human will switch places, so that you can see what they feel for you. You will remember being yourself and have their memories also.”

The Sky was so excited that she would be something worthwhile. She never thought what it would be like to be human. The next morning, a girl in a small town awoke. Right away, she knew she was the Sky, and yet now, she was more. She jumped out of bed and took a deep breath. The air filled her lungs. She joyfully ran to the mirror to examine herself. In Breathless, amazement she examined every detail of the creation whose image stared wide-eyed back at her. Yet she could tell that the girl she was was not impressed with the details of the reflection she saw. The memories of the girl were that of despair her only happy memories where of the times she spent laying in the soft grass looking up at the sky wishing she were the sky. Sky dressed, and donned the attire of the girl and headed out into the world following the girl’s daily routine. The entire time memories flooded Sky of what she had meant to this girl. By the end of the day, the Sky understood the girl. Sky could feel why the girl felt her reflection was such a waste of time to see.

That night before the moon came out the Sky sat down and wrote a note to the girl.

Dearest One,

Today when I awoke, I could not wait to take my first breath. I rushed to the mirror and viewed beauty beyond compare, so much more than my vast expanse and formless blue blob. You may never know how much you mean to others by the reflection you view within the mirror. That is the gift you have taught me and one I hope you were able to learn from being me.


One final breath and again The Sky was herself. The Sky was near to bursting when the Sun finally came to speak. "The reflection, is so shallow, how could I have ever based my worth upon that image!"

“Now you know that the reflection is no way to measure oneself. It does not show anything at all except your perception of what you see reflected in its glass."

"The only one thing I learned is that there are so many that view only a reflection to see their worth. It makes me sad for the girl whose form I shared."

Smiling the Sun, shinned its bright light upon the girl and the Sky could see without a doubt that the note had done its job. The Girl was looking into the mirror in awe of what she saw, holding the note clutched in her hands.

That night as the Sun was setting the Sky ventured another look into the mirror, and to her amazement, she saw the most amazing streaks of color and beauty like nothing she had ever seen before. Just before night settled in and all she could see was vast dark blue.
The ever-changing Sky, then knew that a reflection, is only one shallow, perception of one's self.
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