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Why we need to know about frogs and toads.
For the layman, or the general Joe, or Sue, it is good to know about the things we are told.

There are a few stories we could tell, about frogs and kissing, all true - so I have been told.

The proof of the pudding is in the eating, or the kissing, again I was told.

Every body has been telling me stories, since I was this knee-high-old.

There was the bed-wetting stories, and eating in bed. Even one about where my milk-teeth went, yes, I was told. About rabbits, pink and blue, that leave chocolate eggs all over the show. Fairy and elves, those I have seen, even an ogre or two, ’cause I would not listen and ate too late. My dog could talk and tell me tales, of chasing cats, cars, and wagging tails. Many things have I heard; Cinderella; Snow White; Pinocchio; a Thousand and one tales.

All true, so I told them.

Then, a frog in my daughter’s bed, so she told, very bold.

He said she should take him home, let him spend the night, and at morning light, he would be a prince – rich and handsome – a pure delight. The ‘prince ‘ has been here many a night, still no money, still no job!

I have a feeling, another story I have been told.

He truly looks to me – like a toad.

(The frog in the picture is an African bull-frog - known to be the biggest known frog, it is not a toad.)
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