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Rated: E · Poetry · Gothic · #1949556
Just a sad mind trying to write :(
The darkness takes a hold of the hand of the lonely soul,
As he aimlessly takes to the path of a black hole,
With each step it hurts and how long can he keep up this pace,
As he thinks of his life and what’s left his heart begins to race,
De-constructing every second he has spent alone,
The shadows in his past chill him to the bone,
As he lets out a long sigh and moan,
He has reached the man on the throne.

Judge me if you please for I am on my knees,
I plead with you to take me away,
For I feel I do not belong here this day,
The man in the crown stands and visibly frowns,
His blank face expressionless as he changes his thought to suit his heart,
Sorrow in his eyes as he begins to fall apart,
Leaving traces of pleasure and fear,
The man knows his time is near.
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