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Searching for Dumbledore ....
                                        Muggle Potter

I was born at the peak of the summers infernal heat,bearing a scar resembling a lightning bolt on my forehead.I do in fact love lemon ice.

It's true what you've been told, my parents died when I was a year old, yet I am ever resilient and bold.I used to live in a closet, there were spiders something terrible.

One year for my birthday I received: a hanger, a couple pairs of socks, and some soda.I used to live with my aunt and cousin ( though they are not NEARLY as terrible as depicted.)

I admit that there struggles a question in my heart,was I ever truly a Gryffindor to start?

Would I perhaps serve better, a life of Vice & Sin?, Indulge my cunning as Slytherin?

I know not what I am here for, yet I suspect so much more.

If only I could find Dumbledore.

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