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A job interview with a surprise ending.

Hello Mr. Popperstien. It's a pleasure to meet you. 

(During the lengthy job interview, Stephen, the applicant, begins a silent dialog, daydreaming )...

My, what a huge pimple that guy has on his nose!

Sheesh! - I don't think I've ever seen a pimple that large. It must be an inch wide.

I guess it could be an ingrown hair?

Gosh, is it ever red!

This guy is talking to me as if he doesn't even know it's there.

Maybe it's a spider bite or a boil....

Nah, that thing has to be a pimple, it's white in the middle.

I should buy this guy a rat to chew that thing off!

The rest of his face looks fine, but all I can do is stare at that monstrous mound.

Man, what I wouldn't give to pop that thing!

I could just reach out and say, "Here, let me fix that for you".

I'd have to move out of the way - I bet that thing's really under pressure!

I'm probably not going to get this job anyway.

Besides, cleaning portable outhouses just isn't my style.

I'd be doing this guy a favor, by popping that thing.

Who knows, it might save his life!

He's asking for it!

I can totally hear it crying out "POP ME, POP ME!"

It's like fate, I mean, his name is Popperstein.

My wife will kill me if I don't get a job.  But at least I won't come home smelling like poop every day!

Ok, this is zit, I'm totally going for it!!!

OH MY GOD Mr. Popperstein, I'm so very sorry I poked you in the eye.... I was just trying to....

(Exiting the office).... Dang,_ I almost had that thing! 

My wife's gonna KILL ME! 
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