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One story about a girl and a horse searching for that true honor

Not only did I change my Arabian Diamond’s life, she changed mine too, we found each other. She was tossed away by many families bouncing home to home, tagged as a bad horse and being at the bottom of the pecking order. She manage to grab a bite from bucket to bucket before another dominant horse ran her off which lead to weight loss; not to mention the beating up she had taken from others as well, not all were four legged abusers. She was also tagged as the un-rideable, trainable horse.

Me—a drifter, fallen down drunkard that found self on the other side of the law more than once, battling depression, making bad decisions that led to a relationship more poisonous than the booze I drunk. My upside lifestyle caused many to give up on me, casting off as a hopeless, untrustworthy person that is doomed for a dark ending.

My landlord Mrs. Edith introduced me to Mrs. Ora that owned forty Arabians. When I pulled into her driveway, I knew I reached Horse Heaven. I had good timing it was feeding time so we introduced each other and quickly I jumped in to help feed and water.

She introduced me to Diamond and immediately my heart fell in love and when she made her way to the bucket that I was standing by that I didn’t allow other horses to push her aside and finally she had a peaceful supper, and at that point, we bonded. Mrs. Ora surprised to see how quickly she bonded with me and told me that she had not bonded with anyone like this before. Later on, she told me she knew that moment that Diamond would have a home and be loved the rest of her life, and she was and still is.

My first evening with Diamond I hand grazed her, staying until 10pm and hated at that time I had to leave, but each day after work I raced over to see ‘my horse’ and help feed and water, and slowly darkness, sadness and depression begin breaking away as my life begin to change.

One evening, Mrs. Ora showed me two new Arabian mares dropped off and she looked at me saying, “you lay down your drinking I will give Diamond to you.” This day Diamond’s life and mine changed. She had her own paddock with her special grain and hay and lots of kisses and hugs.

Eventually Diamond was trained and never once bucked or harmed a soul, like me she was branded ‘bad’ but truth is like me she felt she had to fight and be tough to survive not letting her guard down but when we came together we had no need in past behaviors.

Diamond was special and I'm sad to say I lost my precious baby on November 30th 20011 she left me with memories and a changed life and her son Mayhem which follows in mama’s hoof prints.
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