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win the race, win the money.
All 8 cars were lined up. It was 3am and the streets we empty.
Mercedes roared into life and I accelerated. My windows were rolled down and the wind swept through my hair, I felt so alive.
The guy with the tattoo of an eagle clawing his eye out, in the car next to me shouted,
“betta give me that 250 quid now”
He gave me the creepiest look I had ever seen then accelerated past me. I regret making the bet, since I was 3 places from last.
I pressed the turbo button without too much thought. I held on to the steering wheel, for my dear life.
Finally we stopped. I had come 5th, behind the guy I had a bet with. How was I going to pay money I didn’t have? My heart raced as I saw him approach me with that same creepy look.

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