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My time before Fathers Day starts
The noisy ceiling fan orchestrates the steady snorey breathing that can only happen when one sleeps on his stomach. I've been up since dark, silencing the five skype calls from our kids who are spread around the world. They can wait, I reason to myself. I need my time out. I smile, gratefully at technology. And smile wider, at my control over it. The phone/internet/skype is there for ME to use at my will, not an invitation to upset my quiet time.

I look over at the breathing hump of muscle enjoying his slumber. Twenty four father's days I've enjoyed with him. We celebrate by being together. Sometimes there are gifts. Mostly though, there's activity ... bush walks, brunch, chopper rides, adventures, drinks,  and cuddles. Just me and him. The kids are happy to make breakfast for us, they're used to the routine. Catch us before we head out, enjoy a good laugh with us, ask what priorities we've set for the next year, then back out graciously to their own lives.

And today, I have him to myself. All the kids are thousands of miles away. Missing us both from a distance. Missing our relentless banter, humour and yes, our cooking.

Today's father's day will be full of the two of us. Yearning for our children, will go unsaid. Yearning for the lush paddocks of home, will go unsaid. We'll remember to skype his Dad, and leave a skype message for him, with love to mum as well. But being together is today's priority. No big fancy party or dinner. We'll stream movies online, lying in the comfort of our air conditioned room. Eating in bed. All the things we wouldn't let our kids do, as kids. But we both know, we all love to veg out in comfort. Work hard. Play hard. Rest hard. We don't take restorative recovery lightly. We plan for it so there's no need to move from the cave, unless it's absolutely necessary.

Life. Love. Work. Play. Rest. It all has meaning. And we live our lives to the brim.

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