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Rated: 13+ · Essay · Adult · #1950639
An essay on society's hypocritical views on "falling in love"
         What makes a person beautiful? This single question brings along a million answers, ranging from the cliched "a good personality" to the cynical "lots of money". The main problem I encounter is that people rant about how it's wrong to fall for a person based on superficial attributes as opposed to personality traits. And it's not that I disagree entirely; I wouldn't date a hot person for long if he/she pisses me off every time they talk. But when I hear people say "real beauty is inside" I must admit I chuckle cynicallly to myself. The problem with that statement is that to see that internal beauty requires time, dedication and ,more importantly, interest.

         Let's be honest; it's harder to eat food that's not appealing. And that's food, all you spend with it is a couple minutes. A relationship can last(ideally) a lifetime. So of course it's harder to get to see Pepe's, the scrawny kid with greasy hair and acne covered face, beautiful personality because we just won't be interested that way. Same for the lady that takes two seats in the bus. Don't get me wrong, usually this people build better relationships than their handsome counterparts, but people are reluctant to admit that they won't give unappealing individuals a chance. There's a social stigma on superficial people, and I think it's one of the most hypocritical things we do in a social environment.

          Notice I use the word "unappealing" and not" ugly". Appeal is a better way to put my point, because in the end we will pursue whatever appeals to us. Put yourself in this situation : Two individuals are romantically interested in you, both share goals with you and you like their personalities equally. However, one of them doesn't strike your visual fancy. Now I ask, who would you choose?

         I watched a comedian the other day talking about how what we perceive as sexy is largely affected by our biological need to reproduce. He made fun of how hormone driven teenagers' desire for sex is just a natural impulse to make babies and prolong the species. Though absolutely hilarious, he is quite right. Superficial characteristics like money and a better body form an ideal mate to our more "animalistic" selves. There's nothing bad about i.

         It's not all bad news for the unappealing masses, a wise man once said "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder" Society defines a very general set of guidelines to what is considered beautiful, but in the end it's all about finding an appealing person that in turn finds you appealing . And there are others who will get to know you for one reason or other and love is the ultimate makeup. Just stop complaining about society's definition, go out there and redefine an individual's definition. Because you can't date society.
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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/1950639