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Sally hears an unexpected message, whilst at work.
I at work sitting at my desk then my phone which had been turned of started ringing from an unknown number. I didn’t pick it up. It rang a second time this time I picked it up thinking it might be important.
"Have we met before?"
“I’m not sure. Who is this?” I said.
"Have we met before?" the person repeated.
I hung up soon after thinking it was just a joke.
“Harry, was that you who just rang me?” I shouted to the desk next to mine.
“No why what did they... Have we met before?”
“Did you just ask if we had met before?”
“No i think you misheard.”
I thought about it all through the night. Why did I keep hearing those words, and what did they mean?
The next day I bumped into a guy who looked fairly elderly.
“Sorry about that, By the way have we met before? I think I recognize you.”
“Oh my, is this you?” I pointed at a picture of my of my parents on their wedding day.
“Yes it is where did you get that picture.”
“I’m your daughter!”
We hugged for a while since I had never seen my dad before. It’s like the universe was telling me too look out for those words. I was so happy and overwhelmed.
“I came to New York to look for you, and now I’ve found you I won’t leave you.” Said my dad.
“We have allot of catching up to do.”

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