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Tara finds an envelope containing a checkbook, and checks, and turns it over to police
"The list, remember the list...get potting soil, an air filter, and a copy of the car key made..." Tara lectured herself incessantly. She only had thirty minutes to get this chore done, and then get on her way to work. "Key, filter, dirt", she reminder herself one last time. Anyone who could hear the middle-age woman, would think she must have one of those phone thingies in her hair, under her long brown braids. Her large brown eyes were bright, and Tara prided herself on paying attention to what was going on around her.

Before she locked her car, she glanced down at the empty parking space next to her. There was a large, thick, wide envelope laying on the ground. Tara almost decided to let it go, but because it was so white, she figured it must not have been there long. There was one little skid mark on the envelope, like maybe someone had run over it. Holding onto the door of her car, she leaned down and grabbed the envelope. It was heavier than she had calculated it would be. She took a firmer hold on the envelope, and picked it up, opening the unglued flap.

She was shocked when she saw there was someone's checkbook, with checks written out. Tara quickly closed the flap, and walked a small perimeter around the area of the parking lot, and stopping shoppers coming out of the Hardware Store, and asking them if they were associated with the Lion's Club. After talking to the only people outside, she remembered she was on a tight schedule, She put the envelope, and all of it's contents under her arm, and headed into the Hardware Store. Tara kept alert for any sign of a person looking for a lost item. She got her key, the soil, and air filter she needed, and headed to her car.

When Tara got belted into her car, she opened the envelope again, and then the checkbook, hoping to find some identifying information. The thirteenth check in, was to the power company, and had a phone number written on the check. The rest only had the name; Naomi Ford, with an address about thirty-five miles from there. Tara got her cell phone, and called the number. Thirteen rings later, the operator said, "The party you are calling is not answering." Tara "Duh'ed" the imaginary operator. Tara really needed to get going, so she would not be late for work. She had about 15 more minutes. The Police Station was on the way to work, Tara decided to drop it off at the station. Maybe someone already put in a report.

Tara hurried into the Police Station, and stood behind a lady who could barely speak English, into the bullet-proof glass, to the person standing there looking bored. Up next, Tara said, "look, I found this, and do not want to be responsible for it, and am hoping someone will file a report for this missing checkbook, and checks." The bored lady said, "have a seat, an officer will take a report." Tara tried to be patient. Five minutes rolled by, "ma'am, I have to get to work shortly." Bored said, "I told you an officer would be here to take a report, what's your hurry?" Tara thought, "yipes, no good deed goes unpunished" to herself.

When the words were out of her mouth, the officer; Fred finally showed up. "Ms. Wyatt?, I am Fred Andrews and I will take your report. What seems to be the problem?" Tara breathed deep, and told the story from the top, glancing anxiously at the clock. Fred asked, "You seem very nervous". Tara got a deep feeling of dread. "Sir, I have told you, I was just trying to do the right thing, and I must get to work. I wanted to make sure this checkbook and checks ended up in the right hands."

Fred asked, "where do you work? Let's go ahead and call them and let them know you may be a little late". This was taking on an air of unreality. "Was there any cash in the envelope Ms Wyatt?", Tara replied in the negative. "How do we know that you didn't just pocket a bunch of cash, and are trying to cover your theft by bringing this in?" Tara stared incredulously at the officer. She noticed that several other officers were waiting in the hallway, within earshot. Tara had explained that she attempted to call a phone number on one of the checks. "Yeah, we know. It is in your phone record. We went to the owner of the checkbook, and the house looks like they have been robbed. No one was there, but we did find some blood."

Tara, worked hard not to faint. Was this one of those game shows where everyone would pop up and yell, "You've been Punked!?" Tara felt like she had been sent to an alternative universe, because everything that was happening was insanity.

The next day, the paper read, "Good Samaritan held on robbery, and suspected murder charges, after returning a checkbook in an envelope, she says she found yesterday, Friday the Thirteenth.

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