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Some newly discovered phobias
Phobia Diagnosis

    I'm sure that everyone is familiar with at least a few known clinical phobias.  A phobia, as you probably know is a fear of something.  The word Phobia comes from the Greek word "Ph'obos".

    Allow me to remind you of some common typical phobias:

    Achluophobia – fear of darkness
    Acrophobia – fear of heights
    Arachnophobia – fear of spiders
    Astraphobia – fear of thunder and lightning
    Aviophobia, aviatophobia – fear of flying
    Claustrophobia – fear of having no escape and being closed in
    Glossophobia – fear of speaking in public or of trying to speak
    Mysophobia – fear of germs, contamination or dirt
    Necrophobia – fear of death and/or the dead
    Stygiophobia – fear of Hell
    Ophidiophobia – fear/dislike of snakes     

    I have uncovered some phobias that are not as yet documented, (as follows):

    Smackufaceaphobia -- fear of disobeying your wife
    Slipafleeseaphobia -- fear of finding a hairball in your slipper
    Strangulamouseaphobia -- fear of using a computer mouse that has a cord.
    Gonnapukeaphobia -- fear of your wife's cooking
    Gownabovinaphobia -- fear of women who wear meat dresses
    Messayashoephobia -- fear of stepping in doggy doo
    Insectaswallophobia -- fear of drinking bugs
    Authoritrashaphobia -- fear of writing something silly      (like this item)!

    If you have never had a chance to study all of the phobias I suggest that you type "List of phobias" in the Wikipedia search box.
    You might find that you have a phobia listed there that you were never aware of.
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