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Falia is and art student who's medium is glass.Today her art literally comes to life?
Falia stared at the large, clear glass dragon and wondered what color she should stain his see through form with. He could not be a purple dragon like herself. His size too muscular, too broad and strong for him to be a purple dragon. The purple dragon tended to be smaller, shorter and made of a rounder stature than that of the colorless glass dragon in front of Falia.
Circling around the dragon form in front of her Falia continued to contemplate the possible color choices. No, not purple. But neither was it that of a blue dragon, the fierce expression on the life-size figurine’s face was nowhere near the aloof calmness that blue dragons seemed to be blessed with. Faced with quite a conundrum Falia continued to circle the glass dragon she had blown herself in anticipation of that moment when she would actually figure out the color to paint the statue.
“No, not blue, or green, and certainly not pink! It is far too…male. Then what color---?” Falia’s pacing came to an abrupt halt as the color of the dragon’s large form suddenly hit her.
“Red!” Falia exclaimed to herself, as no one else was in the room. “He’s big, he’s strong, has a fierce expression. Clearly, he’s a red dragon! Can’t believe I didn’t think of that before.” Mumbling the last part, Falia turned to the metal table that had her paints and grabbed the shades of red she might end of using on her latest creation.
Choosing to start with the dry brush method, Falia dipped her brush in the different hues of red until she created the perfect shade for the colorless glass scales. As the brush glided over ridges and dipped into crevasses coating the clear surface in reds, Falia’s mind drifted into the free floating space that it always went to whenever she was working on her art. While most of her attention was focused on the piece before her the rest of her conscious mind was a blank slate, cleaned of any worry or concern.
Humming a light tune to herself, completely at home in the art room covered in the work of her fellow students, Falia lost track time. So engrossed was she in her art that the rest of the world simply ceased to exist for her and the many hours she spent in the art room flew by unnoticed. When she finally reached a stopping point the orangish red tint of dusk floated through the large windows. Finally looking up from her work, Falia stepped back from the glass statue and, in doing that, removed the hazy veil of a trance that she’d kept herself wrapped in while working.
The art room was awash in color as the sun set, the art on the walls and throughout the room casting shadows in an eerily beautiful display. Setting down the pallet that was now covered in a swirl of reds, oranges, and golds, she dropped her brush in a water filled cup and stepped to the window. Staring out the window absent mindedly, Falia looked out over the campus yard. The campus fountain surrounded by archways that led students to their classes, shielded them from any rain, and shaded them from the sun.
The long stretch of green that led to the edge of their university in the sky. Beneath their floating island sat nothing but air and clouds, the earth so far from them that the longer they stayed at the institution the more it seemed like nothing more than a distant memory. A sigh of happiness escaped Falia as she looked out over the beautiful grounds of her college. Turning back to her now painted dragon, Falia tipped her head to the side and felt a small smile drift across her face as she admired her handiwork.
In front of her stood a full grown male dragon in his prime. Red scales lightly speckled with orange and gold sparkled against the dimming light of the sun. Wings lifted up off the ground and ready to expand to their full length as if he could take off in flight towards the horizon, twin horns curved like that of a bull stood at attention at the sides of his head coated in a cream color with two rings of gold at the tip of each. Eyes gold in hue tinged in red that delicately drifted towards the black of his iris. Alabaster, razor sharp teeth rested in his mouth in a fierce display of vicious jaws that could rip almost any foe in two.
Falia’s eyes slid down to the male’s chest and she, herself, could only grin at the puffed out male chest that showed that the male she had created was not lacking any ounce of pride. The gold band of a necklace rolled around over his shoulders to meet in the center where an inset rested, prepared for a gem it had never once seen. Standing up straight, Falia moved toward the glass male. Crouching down in between paws tipped with pearly black claws, Falia reached out and let her hand hover just above the inset.
Closing her fist, Falia stood up and stepped back. Giving her creation one more look over she nodded once before turning on her heel and commencing to clean her art supplies. Rinsing and drying the brush, cup, as well as scrubbing the pallet clean, Falia walked over the shelf by the door and dawned all of her temporarily discarded items. Glancing back at the statue, Falia felt a smile conquer her face yet again as she turn and exited the art room closing the door as she left.
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