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Rated: 13+ · Chapter · Fantasy · #1951171
A boy named Marx tells of his life when he housed a god in his head.
Okay, let me start at about 10 years ago, mind you I'm 25.
It was a sunny afternoon, the gentle winds of Spring ruffling the leaves about around my 2-story, wooden exterior, house.
I was lying outside in my huge backyard, which stretched out for a few good yards until it met a dock reaching out upon a grand lake, surrounded by trees. Laying on top of a picnic blanket, sunbathing was pretty much how I spent my freedom from school, although those days were dwindling then, I still laid there, dreaming of what the future might hold for me,
You know, life is not all about dreaming and relaxing... besides I could always show you.
Oh, and if I hadn't mentioned it before, I have a god living in my head. Well, technically, he isn't quite a god, or anything for that matter, he is me, and yet not me. Yes I know, I'm not making much sense now, but bear with me, I'll explain everything eventually.
"My god! Omnius, I haven't gotten all my life to do this kind of thing, so please, let me dream while I still can." I say pleadingly
Oh very well, I do suppose you are right. Omnius reluctantly said
"Thank you for seeing it my way." I said
Just remember, if it weren't for the incident, you wouldn't even have time to rest your eyes. Be grateful of me. Omnius declared with pride
"Don't worry about that, I'm grateful every single day." I replied with a smile
Well then, I guess Omnius is done speaking. Just as well, I think I might be getting a sunburn
Heh Omnius scoffed
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