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A family who keeps to themselves, only serve to arouse suspicion of the neighbors
Word Count 545

Shelly and Sherry put the finishing touches on the Birthday Cake, and together carried it out to the table where the eleven other members of the Barkenstock family waited impatiently. The the sisters had recently remodeled the room, so unlike the rest of the mansion, this room was light blue, fresh and the windows were clean enough to allow the sun through. Steven their brother, his wife Sally, and their four children acted as if they had not eaten in a month, while just looking at them, one could tell that they probably ate everything not nailed down within their paths.

The five other seats were modified, so that Shelly and Sherry's "children" could sit at table height with the rest of the family. The five cats had been part of the family so long, that Steven had ceased from complaining and fussing about how the women spoiled the cats, and that it was unnatural the way the cats could almost speak, and were fed better than Steven could feed his family. All of the cats never stopped them from coming though, because they loved the smoked salmon that was served at the annual birthday party given for all of the cat-children to make sure none of them felt out of place.

As they all fell to eating, the silence was the most comfortable item in the room. The cats licked and chewed delicately, while Steven and his bunch could be heard in town thirteen miles away chewing, slurping and slopping their grub. The sisters, well on in age, ate very little. While preparing the meal, they had tested and tasted, and did not require much more to eat. Besides, they were saving room for the special cake they had constructed this year.

In past years, the cakes had been made of carrot, strawberry, and plain white, so that the kitties could eat without causing them indigestion. This year, they had gone to extra trouble to bake the cake with fresh ingredients, and it would be much healthier from any veterinarian's standpoint.

Finally, the dinner dishes were cleared, and the candles lit. Steven's children dutifully blew out the candles for Friskie, Labella, Luke, Taytay and Chester. They knew the sooner the group got the "wishes" out of the way, the sooner they would get cake. Steven insisted on the ceremony of cutting the cake, asking each one; even the cats, "this much, more, less?" When he cut his large piece, he was still trying to make out what the cake was made of. He took a test taste, and found it less sweet than he liked. Sitting down, cake plate in hand, he caught a glimpse of grey, with red inside. "Say Sherry, what kind of fruit is this?" Sherry and Shelly looked at one another, and smiled. Shelly answered. "Steven, every year we have made the cakes taste better for us humans, our kitties would go ahead and partake, but then end up feeling a bit sick by the end of the night. So, this year, instead of grinding the mice up, and adding flavor and sugar, we roasted the mice whole, left off the sugar, and baked them into the cake. Isn't this much healthier? For all of us, right Sister?"
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