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Another Western Satire in rhyming style.
Skully Cogburn Rides Again

Skully was the baddest man to ever ride the West,
  when it came to being evil, Skully gave his very best.
Skully was a wrangler, a rough and tumble rustler.
  He rode from town to town, a mad pool table hustler.

He was all of six foot ten, with a body like a rhino.
    His mustache long and curled, breath smelling like a wino.
His horse was like a Clydesdale, not so fast, but very able.
    He'd carry Skully on his back, always happy for the stable.

"How about a friendly game"?  Skully asking, rather cool,
  but that approach turned on its side, he could whip most any fool.
Skully 'd meet em, then he'd beat em, saying "hey you owe me money"!
  "We never made a bet" they'd say. "Your threats aren't very funny".

"Give me ten we'll call it even", Skully setting up his victim.
  Put his cue beneath the players chin, Skully ready to evict him.
"OK, here's ten, so leave now". Coin bag shook in Skully's eye.
  "You're luck has just come back my friend, so you won't have to die".

You could feel the shame and hatred that his patsy had inside,
  so when Skully turned to leave, he went after Skully's hide.
He slammed his cue on Skully's skull as all the folk looked on.
  Skully turned to face his victim, who would never see the dawn.

With a hand the size of two, Skully grabbed his victims face,
  he squeezed so tight the lights went out and CRUNCH, he'd made his case.
The falling victim, twitching, lost his senses in demise.
  If you ever play with Skully, you best think again, be wise! 


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