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Budgeting and finances do not have to be difficult. Cheap and easy tips for budgeting.
To get you started here is a list and directions to start an off-line personal financial system.

*Tack*3 x 5 cards
*Tack*12 pocket expandable divided file folder
*Tack*Office supplies

When you first start out, it may be too overwhelming to set up an entire year budget. Instead take small steps.

Take practical and easy steps.Your first month and week (example):

January 2014
(4) - 3 x 5 cards
(4) - envelopes
1 black pen, 1 red pen
Paper clips, and or a Stapler
Good hiding place

If keeping cash is a too difficult, purchase money orders each week. (Make sure they will not expire before you need to use them)
On hiding places; Consider critters, like mice, ants, water, or anything that can eat your money, and destroy your savings plan.
This is your own plan. Be careful about sharing it with others.

Card 1 = 12.26.2013 - 01.01.2014 ¼ rent, ¼ utilities, ¼ car payment, ¼ insurance,
Card 2 = 01.02.2014 - 01.09.2014 ¼ rent, ¼ utilities, ¼ car payment, ¼ insurance,
Card 3 = 01.10.2014 - 01.17.2014 ¼ rent, ¼ utilities, ¼ car payment, ¼ insurance,
Card 4 = 01.18.2014 - 01.25.2014 ¼ rent, ¼ utilities, ¼ car payment, ¼ insurance,

Be stern, but be kind to yourself.

After you get your basics down, and start a little savings, you can clearly see what adding a 'simple payment of $25.00 per month' can do to a budget. *Dollar**Dollar**Dollar**Dollar*

Remember those annual expenses, like insurance and property taxes. By budgeting these in with a monthly or bi-monthly savings (use those fifth weeks!), Those larger annual payments will not hit you so hard.


Be realistic, sometimes things don't work out.

Do the best you can. If this week you were supposed to save $50.00, but only had $45.00, you are close to your goal.

Do not punish yourself, or make your budget a task you dread facing.

It takes 21 days to make a new habit. That is 21 continual days.

For those who have never been taught budgeting, and have never had a financial system, go light on yourself. It could take years to get this down.

Keep trying. $10.00 is better than 0, and $3.00 is better than that.

Keep paying yourself. Reward yourself too, or you will never make it.

Skip 2 Lattes every week for a month = Bonus savings.

Save up for a trip or vacation. They don't have to be far away or expensive.

Treat yourself, while maintaining a reality about your finances.

Don't look at others and think they have it all. They probably don't, and you wouldn't want their financial woes.

Work hard, but enjoy your earnings along the way.


The more importance you attach to your finances and budget, the more successful you will be.

Own your finances, don't let them own you.

The tape, pen, envelopes, 3 x 5 cards, clips and staples, are your banking, finance center. Keep it important.

Each week, as you finish making your payment to your budget, either purchase your money order, or seal your cash up and hide.

Each time a bill is paid in full, staple all four weeks together, and drop into a #20 size envelope. Include all receipts and correspondence.

At the end of the year, you will have a beautiful bookkeeping system that would make an IRS auditor grin.

Beginning these habits now, will help you in business and all areas of your life.

Good Luck.
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