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A strange but true event.
Whiskers on My Face*Cat2*

Every night I hear a kitty, meowing at my door.
  I open it to see the cat, as I tiptoe on the floor.
"I must have been mistaken, there is no kitty there".
  I could have used another friend with soft and fluffy hair.

This happens several times a week, but I never see a cat.
  I wonder if it runs so quick, from off my welcome mat?
I own a cat named Patchy, who loves me very much.
  She likes it when I pick her up, to pet with gentle touch.

At night when I let Patchy in she howls as if in pain,
  but when I look outside for meow, she doesn't cry again.
I don't let Patchy sleep with me because she likes to wiggle.
  It's hard to go to sleep at night, she tickles and I giggle.

I wear a sleep mask every eve so morning's sun won't wake.
  No interruption should I have, no minute's sleep to take.
So when I start to rouse my mind, still laying in a heap,
  I feel a thump upon my bed, as when Patchy takes a leap.

A couple kitty steps I feel, some whiskers on my face,
  but wait, "I should be by myself", so I lift my mask with grace.
No kittens breath upon my cheek, no cats paws on my bed,
  no whiskers in my dim lit room, I must have lost my head.

The same thing happened several times, at first it seemed alarming
  I have a ghostly kitty come to visit me. How charming!
Now claiming Casper as my pet, her company's inviting.
  I hope she comes to visit more even if there is no sighting.

I wonder why she haunts this house, how Patchy knows she's there?
  My home's quite old and large, could she have lived with love and care?
Some questions ne'er be answered, at least within this time.
  How can a person love a ghost, I'm sure it is no crime. *Cat2*           
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