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Searching for ghosts in our local cemetery
Searching for ghosts in our local cemetery

         A couple of years ago, on Halloween night, a friend of mine and I drove into our local cemetery with a digital camera.  We’d heard that ghosts show up in digital photography and wanted to see if we could get some pictures of them. They’re referred to as Orbs and appear as round opaque circles on the photograph.

         On this particular Halloween night, there was a rain storm coming, and lightning was lighting up the sky more and more frequently. There was no moon that night, so it was very dark and hard to see where we were going, except when the lightning flashed.

         I had rolled my window down, so I could see the gravestones better, to photograph them. Driving slowly, taking pictures near every stone I saw, my friend and I laughed and joked about the Spirits and what they might think of us taking their picture. Were they smiling for the camera? Did ghosts have teeth? Or did our presence bother them? Ha ha ha.

         While squinting in the darkness to see where I was going, suddenly “Boom!” A bright bolt of lightning struck, just in time to see a tree fall across the road in our path. Believe me, that stopped the laughter and the joking. Now the road was blocked. What were we going to do? We’d have to back up. But it was so dark, that backing up was almost impossible. Even if we could move that fallen tree, which I’m sure we couldn't, we certainly weren't going to get out of the car in the rain and the lightning. Not to mention the ghosts!

         I rolled my window back up and locked my door, because now I had this strange feeling that that tree didn't fall accidentally. There’s something very eery about taking pictures of gravestones. I’m not sure they like it.

         Someone needed to get out of the car to see where we could back up safely. But it wasn’t going to be me. I heard no volunteers, so slowly, gently, I started backing up, using only my rear-view mirror to guide me through the darkness. I was no longer interested in taking pictures - just getting out of that cemetery.

         I’d look from my side-view mirror to my rear-view mirror, seeing only raindrops sliding down the rear window, when I thought I saw something very dark behind the car  and hit the brake. Was that a tree? A gravestone? Or a person standing behind the car?  I felt a shiver up my spine. We were trapped. Did we have to get out of the car and move that fallen tree? I couldn’t see where I was going. The rain was pouring down now.

         “Get us out of here!” My passenger shouted.

         “I can’t see anything. I might run over something.”

         “I don’t care - just floor it. Go!”

         “I can’t see!”

         “Just go!!”

         Suddenly, a big bang and the sky lighted up. I could see there was nothing behind me and quickly backed into a small opening between two gravestones. We got turned around, so the headlights could help us find our way out. That was such a scary experience. I never went back to that cemetery at night again until we did the Halloween tour this year.
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