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This is an introduction to a very dark story that came to me one night. Enjoy.


It started.... Like any other.... A tale... of valor and woe.... It was the story of a dark era.
         Along the fresh, green plains, as the grass gently molded into the landscape, beyond the peaks and valleys of the hills of No'vaar, a peaceful world without war or famine, was defined the ultimate view of true wonder. The forests of the Deep South bloomed out trees taller than most buildings, with thousands of limbs and branches each, with small, furry squirrel like critters to collect the fruit these trees bared. The oceans of this strange yet marvelous world, taking a deep, navy hue, gently licked along the shores of each continent, which were vastly spread apart from each other by thousands of miles. To the north, the mountain ranges, packed up and covered with snow, stood high and proud, never once faltering or falling to the wind, no matter how the winds howled. And pocketed all over No'vaar were small towns and large cities, filled with people - men, women and children - all living together in perfect harmony and peace.
         This wonder, however, did not remain so, for somewhere deep within the oceans, a storm brewed like an overheated tea pot, piping and ready to blow its steam. From within the waters of Stelni'ik, a black and dark demon, with large, leathery wings, large talons thrice the size of an eagle's, deep, scarlet red eyes and a black smoking trident, rose up from the depths, to lay waste to the planet. The people had feared of this demon, Manoku, whose power was rivaled by no one, and yet was feared by all. As he floated a few feet above the water, he looked around him, and hated the beauty of peacefulness that lay before him. Leaning forward a little bit, he rose up his right arm, trident in hand, lifting it to the heavens, calling forth dark, black, pendulous clouds that blocked out the sun. Black, swirling clouds of smoke engulfed him as a light of red emerged from his mouth, his scarlet eyes glowing brightly as he opened his mouth, casting a spell across the land. "Su t'ara maa kar mae, vii n'ok carra ne tu karr'a i'c! (Land before me, bow to my whims!"
         His deep, ponderous voice rippled throughout the air, causing the land to respond as the mountains, once proud, began to rumble, and bulge out dangerously. Deep underneath, cast magma chambers, once dormant, sprang once again to life. The air thickened, and began swirling, creating a vortex of terror and smoke, coaxing the tremble further, while the grass turned to a dark, ugly shade of tan. Volcanic eruptions sprung forth, as the mountains quavered, and crumbling fire and ash blasted forth in huge, pillowing columns of hot, violent pillars of lightning and smoke. Smoking rocks flew across the sky, landing on the fields of what was once green and vibrant. These bombs of explosive rage turned all they landed on to ash and fire. The waters of the oceans swelled out into huge waves, crashing up on the shores of the continents in vicious punches of white, flooding into the landscape, laying waste to all in its path. Cities crumbled and fell, homes destroyed by the water flow and trembling ground, as quakes ravaged whatever lay above them, with deep, dark fissures crackling forth, swallowing anything that failed to get away.
         Hours went by, and soon, what was once a beautiful, lush world of life and tranquility was now a barren, black wasteland of death and woe. The demon Manoku, satisfied with his level of destruction, disappeared once again, but not into the oceans, but into a far off location, creating from nothing a palace of Hell and anguish, where those who begged for mercy were turned into his minions, to obey his every command. With power at his feet, and in his body, he ruled this planet as a dark, horrendous leader, with an iron grip and will to break the wills of others. Yet through the catastrophe and chaos, as most had lost their lives, there were some survivors within this chasm of pain and sorrow, survivors who, their wills shaken, accepted that this was their new home. It was never going to change. What they saw before them - wastelands of yesterday and scars torn asunder by the power of darkness - took their hope of getting their old home back. This day had marked the beginning of a new era. A day they had christened with the name...

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