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Goku sleepwalks 1 night & takes his friends' food, so Krillin & Vegeta have to stop him.
A short time after Kid Buu's defeat, the Earth & its people were enjoying a long period of peace. 1 night, at Kame House, Krillin woke up because he heard something downstairs. He went to investigate, & saw Goku in the fridge. Krillin tried to talk to Goku, but he didn't respond & just kept eating. Then, Goku took the fridge, opened the door, & flew away, while Krillin told him to stop, but it was no good. Krillin decided that he needed help.

After putting on some clothes, Krillin flew over to Capsule Corporation & tapped on the window to wake up Vegeta for help, but the Saiyan prince wasn't too happy about being woken up in the middle of the night. When Vegeta answered the door, Krillin explained that Goku was sleepwalking while he ate Krillin's food. Then, Goku came out from the back door at Capsule Corp. with food in his arms. Vegeta decided to help Krillin investigate, & went back inside to put on some clothes.

Back at his house at Mt. Paouz, while Chi-Chi was sleeping with a mud mask & cucumbers on her eyes, Goku took 1 of the cucumbers & ate them. Krillin & Vegeta arrived only to see Goku walk out the door with the entire fridge in his hands. The 2 of them followed Goku to Mr. Satan's house, where they saw that Goku had emptied out the fridge, when they heard a noise upstairs. They opened the door to Videl's room & saw her in Goku's mouth. Krillin closed the door in horror, then slowly opened it again, only to find Goku gone, but Videl covered in saliva & still asleep.

While walking on the street, Krillin wondered how they'd catch Goku at the speed he's moving, until he tripped over an empty box of blueberry muffins. He & Vegeta had found a trail, which they followed back to Capsule Corp. Vegeta saw a string of sausages going into a small window, which he grabbed & tried to pull, but he was pulled in instead. They found Goku in the basement sound asleep with food around him. Vegeta used an air horn to successfully wake Goku up. Krillin told Goku about him sleepwalking & eating their friends' food, but Goku said that he didn't remember eating 1 bite. Vegeta said that sleepwalkers always have no memory of what they did while they were sleepwalking when they wake up, & said that Goku also ate Videl. Goku was shocked at 1st, but Krillin said that she was spat out, & Goku was relieved because he said that Gohan would've killed him if he ate Videl. So Vegeta decided that the 3 of them will stay in the basement to keep an eye on Goku, but when he opened a closet to get extra blankets, a pile of food fell on him. Goku & Krillin laughed, but Goku yawned & said it was bedtime.

All 3 of them were sound asleep, but Goku was restrained by chains, ropes, glue, & duck tape, but then he started sleepwalking again, & broke his retraints. He walked out the back door, & walked on the clothsline, until he was flung up in the air, while using a pair of Bulma's panties as a glider. Krillin then had an idea to lure him back to Capsule Corp.

While Goku was raiding another fridge he smelled his roasted chicken, but it was actually a pair of his boots that had been sprayed to smell like roasted chicken, which Krillin used to lure Goku back to Capsule Corp., then he & Vegeta grabbed Goku, & pulled him through the small window, where Goku got stuck because of his stuffed belly. Krillin & Vegeta now had stopped Goku from raiding fridges, but Vegeta wondered how they were going to explain the missing food, then Krillin had an idea.

In the morning, Videl, Mr. Satan, Chi-Chi, Gohan, Goten, Master Roshi, Marron, Android 18, Bulma, Trunks, Sharpner, Erasa, & Angela were waiting in a line at Capsule Corp. to buy breakfast. Sharpner ordered a box of cereal, which cost 5 zeni. Krillin then reached down Goku's throat & pulled out a box of cereal & gave to Sharpner, then Goku asked he wanted milk with that, & Krillin said that you can't have cereal without milk, which caused Vegeta to go to the trashcan to barf.

The End!
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