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I just got a random idea... Really rough..
The heavy willows hung low, reaching for even the smallest creatures that dared to pass by. John Dope knew that he had to get across. he knew, but only by intuition. This could mean life or death, but his instincts were so strong now, that he found himself inches away from the nearest branch. The closest branches seemed different, they seemed to lift and reach droopingly towards him. "This is fine," he told himself.

A sharp pain in his arms alerted him of the fact that he'd actually began to step into the slight grasp of the vine-like leaves.Sharp pain, yet too irresistible to turn back now. He kissed her; he kissed it, the tree, wholly woman. The thin branches that drooped in such a enticing manner now flowing hair. Beautiful hair falling perfectly on him, down her back. Even still her hair burned like fire into his skin and he bled freely now.

"This is fine," he said. He kissed her soft lips, slightly expectant of his actions. his lips felt the fire, but not burned, just imaginative pain.She embraced him, he embraced her, her skin hard like prickly bark. His eyes fluttered open, he was in the midst of stinging vines, hugging the coarse base of the willow tightly. he was paralyzed, and yet he was happy. he closed his eyes and succumbed to the wonderful dream he was having, allowing the tree to devour him.
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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/1953264