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This is the first part of a book I am hoping to write.
I will be updating this novel in entries, so you probably won't get a full chapter. I will divide it up later. For now I am just going to write what I can when I have the time. You can expect to see new parts popping up regularly though. I hope you will read them!

She was born in January. It was a cold day, not one that any average person would choose to born on, but it suited her just fine. She was a loud baby (actually, she was simply a loud person; age had nothing to do with it, but I don't want to get ahead of myself) and very opinionated. She didn't want the green bean baby food, and no amount of coaxing, baby talk, or pretending that her spoon was an airplane was going to make her want to eat it any more than she did when the convincing started. She had very light hair, so light in fact, that most people hardly noticed it. She had bright blue eyes and a very nice looking face as a whole.

One day her mother awoke and found that instead of walking into to wake a sweet little girl, she had to arouse a prepubescent, slightly disgruntled 11 year old, with a main of reddish hair and a face that obviously hadn't had a single blemish on it until that morning. Her mother thought to herself, "Where did the time go?", but wouldn't think much of it until she was a bit older. And then she would have a handful of regrets and a mouthful of wishes, but would end up being okay. But again, I'm getting ahead of myself.

So the girl grew a bit. And this is where our story truly begins. With an eleven year old wild child attending 5th grade at a local school.

The day started like any other day. She dropped her bag in the hall, spilling a few text books, last nights arithmetic homework, and her 110 percent full pencil sharpener onto the floor. She rolled her eyes at the air, and then, after a lazy glance around the hall, spread the shavings around with the toe of her boot, grabbed her papers and books and took off towards homeroom.

Homeroom was the most relaxed class of the day. Everyone just sorta laid around wherever they wanted, trying to either fall asleep of wake up. The chatted with friends, crammed to finish homework they were to lazy or busy to do the night before, and entertained themselves with whatever they could find to do in the 40' by 50' classroom. Unfortunately, for the teacher that is, for a group of 3 boys named Christopher, Camdon and Dike this meant pulling pranks on Mrs. Clarion. The pranks were usually quite harmless and could be blamed on a human error on Mrs. Clarion's part, but occasionally the boys could end up in detention for first period. Today was one of those days. The boys were to slow, and caught red handed rearranging paperwork that had been alphabetized by Mrs.Clarion over the last 3 weeks. Needless to say, she was quite upset, and 'escorted' the boys down to the principals office holding onto all of their collars at the same time with one hand. Her face was quite red. It was a very entertaining beginning to a very interesting day.

Okay. This is the beginning. I will post more if you like it (I will probably post even if you don't :D ) I will say right now that the whole story is not going to take place in middle school. Only a smaller portion. Stick with it if you can! Let me know what you think :)
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