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introduction to a character in a story I co-wrote with some friends.
         SNAP!!!!!!!!! A loud crack rang out over the sparse deserted courtyard. Soldiers in combat fatigues bearing Legion military emblems rushed in from all angles gathering around the a black smear in the dirt. One of the soldiers kicked around the debris for a moment before shouting, "A firecracker? Who the hell?"

         Heads swiveled violently as the soldiers began to search for the culprit. Emma Turner shrunk back into her "secret fort", a small hollow area under a pile of rubble that she had spent the better part of last summer clearing out. As the soldiers walked past she held her breath, collapsing into a fit of giggles the second they were out of ear shot. "That was EPIC." she remarked to the dirt covered stick-figure of a boy next to her. "Worth every piece of candy." Emma had gone three weeks at half rations to save up enough food and candy to trade the boy for his most prized possession, a firecracker scavenged on the outside by his dad before they had made it to the legion compound. Emma looked over to the little boy and smiled, "Aren't you glad I convinced you to come?"

         The boy grinned, a smile bigger than any she had seen on him since he arrived 3 months ago. The boy's name was Zachery Albrecht and he had been near death when he first arrived. His family was one of the few straggling families to make it to the safety of the compound in the recent years. When Emma had first arrived at the camp people used to come in groups weekly. Seeking shelter from the horrors that existed outside the walls. Though sometimes even Emma wondered if this place could really be called a shelter. She never hated her time here though she new many of the adults would whisper about horrors being committed here, when they thought she wasn't listening. Even if she hadn't heard those things it wasn't hard to notice the suffering all around her, but in spite of all that this place was the only home Emma could remember, and the people here even the guards, were the only family she had.

         As the years past by Emma decided that she was going to make it better. Whatever it took, she would make people smile again. The job was getting harder each day, but today, today was a success.

         Zachery crawled out through the spare tire that made the door to the hideaway and Emma followed after him. Emerging into the afternoon sun Emma bent down to be eye to eye with the boy. "Now you remember, this is our secret you can't tell anyone about this hideout or what we just did, Okay?" The boy nodded vigorously, "Now head home, I have to get to work." The little boy smiled again and sprang off towards the shack his family called home.

         Making people smile was not Emma's only responsibility in the compound. Like every member of this new world, she had to do her part. Her official job in the compound was tending to the public garden. Strolling past the armed guards posted to ensure no food was stolen, she entered the only green place left in the compound. She pulled weeds and emptied the sewage systems to water and fertilize the crops. The work was hard and took several hours to complete, but she was committed to her work.

         Looking up carefully to make sure the guards weren't watching she slipped a carrot into her pocket. As she neared the far side of the garden a familiar shape popped up from behind a tomato plant. The soft white rabbit was an old friend to her and the single joy that she kept to herself. "Well hi there Fuzzy." Emma whispered to the small creature. "I have a nice carrot for you today." gingerly she fed the bunny holding it in her arms and stroking it softly. "Today was a good day, with any luck tomorrow will be even better."
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