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A traumatic day at the beach.
Cool Down Ted

"Cool down Ted".  Our cheeks red from the sunny three mile run.  Sand stuck to our sweaty socks. 
Gasping for air, Ted was bent over, heart beating so hard you could hear it over the surf.  I took one shoe off to dry out, but before I could remove the other, Ted was on the ground, eyes rolling back, and choking on watery vomit.

"TED", I shouted!  I realized Ted had passed out so I immediately rolled him on his side to keep him from choking on his own tongue.
I thought it might be a seizure, but I had known Ted since the third grade and he had never had one before.

I pushed 911 on my speed dial.

Ted lay lifeless, no pulse.

CPR was useless.

The paramedics arrived. Called time of death after ten minutes.  "Probably a heart attack".

In SHOCK!  My best friend had died.

This was a contest entry.  The contest was to tell a complete story with a limited amount of words.

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