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a work of what could happen to people in Reality Television
I saw him. He was walking down the street talking on the phone and super animated.His arms were flaying around. I couldn't believe how he could talk and flaiil at the same time. His red hair shone in the sun, glistening. "I just don't know what I am going to do today, he giggled into the phone. . I was thinking of going to Mary's Bar on 5th. I followed him. I hated him ever since I saw him on that stupid reality show, Watching You,

I hate to admit it, but I have been addicted to it many years. The difference this year, was I bought the Live Feeds. It went from addiction to obsession.

I called my friend Stan. He picked up the phone. "Yes Aura, what do you want"? "Stan. I see him." I whispered into the phone, trying not to sound as crazed as I felt I sounded. "Cupcake, Who do you see? You know I was about to go out and get some breakfast. Do you want to go"?

I checked my watch , just to make sure it was 2:00 PM. "Stan, it is after noon!" I practically yelled into the phone.

Then I I watched as he. Adam, kept talking and giggling as he plopped down into a black 350 mercedes,. He sped away, still giggling into the phone. I could hear it.

"He almost hit a cat!" I yelled into the phone. I hung up before he could answer and ran the two blocks to Stan's Townhouse.

I sprinted up the steps, and I had this plan to bang on his door screaming to open up. To generally make a scene, when he walked out with a cup of coffee in his hands.

"Dear Aura, aren't we a site to see."

I would have answered, but I was still out of breath.

I like the purple jeans, and tie dyed shirt. They go well with you messy black hair hazel eyes.

"Haha Stan. Well at least I have hair."

He laughed loudly, and said, "But I look incredibly handsome.

"That you do", I laughed.

The thing was, Stan was very good looking. Women loved him and Men liked to hang with him too. He was not classic good looking. It was the way he talked to people. He always made people feel that he was interested in them, and he put his attention all on them. Women loved it. When he was with men, he could talk any sport, any subject, and his dry sense of humor always made them laugh. Anyway, He was my friend. A good one too.

Stan started walking down the street, heading towards his car. "Um where are you going?" He stopped, looked at me, and said. To my car. We need to get to Mary's.

I ran to his teeny car. It was small, blue a Kia and I loved it. He started it and said, "You look like hell, are you sure you don't want to stop for coffee or something."?

I stared at him as if he was crazy. I contemplated what I would do to him, if he didn't start t he car.

"Okay Okay, I am going, he said as he started the car, and pointed in the direction of Mary's.

Mary's was this popular place that served great food nad booze. It didn't matter if you wanted breakfast or steak, they had it, and it was yummy.

Stan pulled into the parking lot, and we sat there.

He looked at me. "Aura, are you Okay"?

I looked at him. He seemed so concerned. It was kind of touching.

"Yeah, let's go".

The parking lot was pretty huge, and I looked for Adam's car. I saw it. He had taken up two spaces, so that no on e would hit it. I felt like hitting it, that was for sure.

We went inside and the place was semi full. It has people but it wasn't as packed as it gets after midnight. Then it was hard to get a table, and there was usually a line outside.

The girls in there dressed in Jeans and Sexy T's that said Mary's.

I grabbed Stan's arm."Look there he is. In a Booth. Stan laughed, and said, "They usually are, if they are going to eat silly.

I pulled him over and we took the booth be

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