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An exciting day in the country.
A Horse Named Sierra

Twas a beautiful day for an outing,
at eleven o'clock in the morn.
My sweetie in boredom was pouting,
and her disposition was torn.

So I told her to up and get ready,
a drive in the county we'd go.
The weather was said to be steady.
She was up for a wheel and a show.

We drove from the city excited,
to venture toward places unknown.
The dancing of lambs we had sighted,
made us laugh with a jovial tone.

When we rounded a curve of the pavement,
stood a horse on the lane we were in,
so my sweetie let out with a statement,
"LOOK OUT, she's escaped from her pen"!

So I slowed to a stop and pulled over.
The mare eyed me as if I were kin.
All I found was a hand full of clover
to entice her to safety and pen.

"Easy now, let's go home girl" I guided,
as we quietly walked to the gate.
"I'm no horseman" I gently confided,
as she gobbled the rest of my bait.

Then safe behind bars and barb wire,
I felt a soft place in my chest.
I patted her nose and said "bye girl,
you've put my compassion to test".

I talked with her owner weeks after,
and spoke of the deed, and my day.
She smiled and responded with laughter,
"She's always escaping some way".

She whinnied at me to come over.
"Would you mind", I asked with a smile.
"Be my guest but go pick her some clover,
Sierra's a horse that has style".

This poem has been awarded FIRST PLACE WINNER IN ROUND 107 TRADITIONAL POETRY CONTEST, and an animal merit badge from Alexi Mason 10/2/13 *Delight*



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