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Come back again.

          I like movies. I enjoy a good story. However, going to the movies
          can get you shot. The theater is a tiny room with no ventilation.
          And the guy next to you could be a serial killer or about to spill his
          drink on you. $15 to see a movie that will be on Netflix or Red Box
          is not cost effective.

          But, I'm a people person. I recently, met some retired gentleman at the
          cinema. His name was Albert and he had a lot to say. Mind you, the fast
          twenty hadn't begun. The fast twenty is a series of commercials for up coming
          movies and charity promotions. (I think charity is for church meetings.)
          Any who, Albert wanted me to know that Jesus was coming back.

          I like what heard about Jesus in Sunday school, but I never believed he was God;
          just a good Rabbi. I was waiting to see Riddic with Van Diesal. Sooooooo, I wanted
          to move to another seat, but the old man held my arm tightly. It was intense drama.
          "God wants the races separate. That's the meaning of the Tower of Bable." the wise
          old man said to me. He explained that Genesis never stopped. Adam & Eve were
          preordained to eat the forbidden fruit.

          Words cannot come to me easily in a moment of panic. However, I remarked:

                "Were there dinosaurs in Eden?"

          The old man ate some of my $8 popcorn and looked intensely into my glassy eyes.
          "The Middle East will bring the kings of the world together for one last war." he said.
          Well, that's unity I thought. "But, they will utterly destroy themselves. Then, Jesus will
          return for the harvest of souls. That is God's plan for us." the old man said as the
          fast twenty began.

          I think people are acting out more. I blame the media sensationalizing violence.
          But, Riddic was awesome... People can believe anything.
          I like to imagine a cosmic intelligence, like a squid with many minds connected
          to it through its long pink tentacles.


          Do you believe in magical Jews, who can fly through the air?


          Have a happy Halloween!

          ^ ^
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