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Terrorists hack into the program designed to protect a futuristic North American Alliance.
“Incoming transmission.”  Jamison glanced up as the computerized voice broke his concentration. Touching the COM screen, he snapped to attention when his Commander’s image flickered and then cleared.

“At ease, Lieutenant. Tell me, how is your Central Intelligence Command system functioning?” Jamison raised a brow. How had the commander known to ask about CIC?  Since the Great War, it had been used to protect the North American Alliance against the constant threat of nuclear missiles.  The system was perfect, or at least, it had been.

“Actually, Sir, I just had a false reading over the Mid-Atlantic. An incoming missile turned out to be a flock of birds.” The Commander’s brows scrunched together. 

“Lieutenant, shut down your system now and begin monitoring visually.  Notify command via your com link if the need arises.”


“Our CIC system may have been hacked by a group of terrorists known as the European Freedom Fighters. We believe they inserted a code into the programming identifying all incoming flights as threats. Do it. Now. Out.” Jamison sucked in a breath as the Commander ended the transmission.  CIC was designed to immediately destroy any threats using lasers fired from strategically placed satellites.

“Warning,” broke in the CIC’s computerized voice.  “Incoming threat detected. Heading 190 degrees. Elevation 41,000 meters. Speed 470 knots. Warning—“

“I heard you,” Jamison snapped and gripped the keypad, punching a code.  “CIC, identify threat.”

“Boeing 737.  On course to reach 32.7833° North, 79.9333° West in one hour 14 minutes.  Commencing firing satellites in ten, nine….” Jamison stared, eyes wide. 

“CIC, this has gone too far. Override authorization Alpha-Beta-five-six.“

“Authorization not recognized. Five, four….”

"Initiate self-destruct mode. Authorization Alpha—"

“Two, one.  Initiating firing sequence.”

Jamison looked down and smiled, knowing full-well that the station’s monitoring system would never detect it.

Word Count = 299
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