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Rated: E · Appendix · Fantasy · #1954725
A brief character biography for Jolus Illan, from The Heralds of Eloria: Belim the Shadow
Jolus Illan's Character Biography

                   First Name: Jolus
                   Family Name: Illan
                   Gender: Female
                   Race: Human
                   Age: 19

                   Place of Birth: Dimunin, Herilia
                   Place of Residence: Caravan Karven, Herilia
                   Occupation: Slave
                   Residence Ruler: Herilian Council

                   Height: 5'6"
                   Weight: 115 lbs.
                   Body Type: Athletic
                   Eye Colour: Grey
                   Hair Colour: Black
                   Hair Length & Style: Shoulder-Length & Wavy
                   Skin Colour: Bronze
                   Unusual Features: Karven's Symbol branded on back of left hand (Crescent Moon with an Arrow through it)

                   Life Goal: To live freely and somehow take revenge on her father and any other slavers she crosses paths with
                   Personality: Focused & Quiet
                   Level of Education: Low
                   Skills & Hobbies: Hunting & Tracking
                   Favourite Possessions: Rhazar Wood Bow & Bone-Handled Knives
                   Piety: Low

                             Father: Fittu Karven - Human - LIVING
                             Mother: Mavik Illan - Human - DECEASED
                             Foster Mother: Lika Shea - Satyr - LIVING

Brief History: Jolus's mother, Mavik Illan, was one of almost two-dozen slaves owned by the dark mage, Fittu Karven. Mavik died giving birth to Jolus, who was then raised and cared for by Lika Shea, another slave.

A Day in the Life of: Jolus wakes long before dawn, before even the other slaves. She reports to her handler, who unlocks her shackled ankle and attaches the mage shackle, a circular iron band with three chain links trailing from it that fits around her ankle and is magically tethered to the kitchen wagon. She is then leaves the camp site to hunt for the morning meal. She, along with the other three hunter/slaves head in different directions and must keep in contact with their handlers by tugging on the chain links twice every five minutes, otherwise the handler with activate the mage shackle, which will begin to drag the slave back to the kitchen wagon. Jolus will hunt for a few hours, until she has caught a deer or something equally as large, for the more she brings back, the more chance there is that she'll get a decent meal from the leftovers. At dawn, the hunters must return so that the kitchen slaves can prepare the meals. Once Fittu and the handlers have eaten, the caravan begins to move on, the slaves forced to walk alongside the wagons, which carry merchandise and products to be traded. When the caravan reaches a town or village, Jolus and a few of the other slaves who are not for sale are kept near the wagons to tend the oxen and prepare food, while the slaves who are to be sold are taken, along with the goods from the wagons, to the market square. Any new slaves purchased or traded are then brought back and put in the care of Jolus's foster mother, the Satyr Lika Shea. After the slave-traders have eaten, the caravan then moves on. When night falls, Jolus and the hunters must find a secure place to make camp. Once camp is set, the slaves prepare another meal for the slavers and then are permitted to rest.

Attire: Jolus wears a boar-hide jacket and boar-hide trousers. She carries a bow, quiver and two belt knives.
© Copyright 2013 Richard de Young (dark_demon at Writing.Com). All rights reserved.
Writing.Com, its affiliates and syndicates have been granted non-exclusive rights to display this work.
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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/1954725