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A brief character biography for Merrik Boam, from The Heralds of Eloria: Novia the Star
Merrik Boam's Character Biography

                   First Name: Merrik
                   Family Name: Boam
                   Gender: Male
                   Race: Human
                   Age: 19

                   Place of Birth: Unknown
                   Place of Residence: Temple of Novia, Cathra, Tolia
                   Occupation: Watchman
                   Residence Ruler: Master Phindar Gannatry

                   Height: 5'10"
                   Weight: 130 lbs.
                   Body Type: Athletic
                   Eye Colour: Grey
                   Hair Colour: Light Brown
                   Hair Length & Style: Mid-Length & Wavy
                   Skin Colour: Slightly Tanned
                   Unusual Features: None

                   Life Goal: To live happily with Illia
                   Personality: Loyal & Optimistic
                   Level of Education: Average
                   Skills & Hobbies: Climbing & Bird Watching
                   Favourite Possessions: Messenger's Bag & Illia's Necklace
                   Piety: Casual

                             Father: Unknown - Human - UNKNOWN
                             Mother: Unknown - Human - UNKNOWN

Brief History: Unknown to him or any that know him, Merrik was left at Novia’s temple when he was 1 year old, by his 8 year old sister Sovi, just after their parents were killed and their home destroyed. Sovi knew she couldn’t care for her brother so she left him with those who could. Master Gannatry, who found Merrik with a simple note saying ‘Please look after Merrik’, gave him the last name Boam, a Talisian word meaning ‘Hope of New Life’.

Day in the Life of: Merrik's day begins just before dawn. As the youngest of the three Watchmen at Novia's Temple, his seven hour shift begins just after the sun has risen. He must climb the winding staircase to the very top of the watch tower and stay there, looking out for any travellers heading up to the temple from the city of Cathra, or for ships that may be seeking shelter in the cove behind the temple. After his shift is over, he heads to the kitchens and gets a quick meal before heading into the gardens, where he likes to watch one of the gardeners, Illia Canov, as she works. While sitting in the garden, Merrik also likes to make notes about the various birds that visit. After evening meal, Merrik heads back to his room near the watch tower and waits for Illia, who often shares his bed.

Attire: Merrik wears the white, short sleeved tunic and trousers of a watchman. He wears simple, cloth boots. His hair is ruffled and reaches down to his eyebrows. He has a bag with a shoulder strap on his left shoulder to his right hip. The bag has a single flap to hold objects in, such as his notebook.

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