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News Flash
Each day I like to start my day off with a cup of coffee and watching the early news.
Most of the time it is a re-run of the day before, or something the news people feel
we should hear day after day.
The news people cover the usual Washington stuff and of coarse we have to hear
from and about the current political doings.
Today caught my attention when the news reported a robbery at a McDonald's.,
Now the robbery wasn't anything different or new, as they happen all the time in
big cities.
This one was different, because the manager and employees couldn't understand what
happened, but they were grateful they were not shot.
When the robber tried to shoot his gun inside McDonalds it jammed and did not fire.
He got mad and went outside and then the gun fired when he shot it.
The gunman went back inside, and once again it would not fire.
By the time he went back outside and shot at passing cars, and the gun fired.
The police caught the gunman, and they also said they had no
explanation for the gun not firing.
I think the plain and simple truth of the situation was that it was an act of God.
Most people would probably not see it this way, but God does work in mysterious ways.
I hope that someone will talk to the gunman and pass this on to him. It could surely
make him a believer.
I don't think it was "luck" as some might say, but the work of God.
I have been in some serious situations in my life time and I truly believe we all have
angels and God looking after us each day.
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