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An argument whether Gaming is truly the cause of the many problems our generation face.
Gaming and its effects on the world’s populace, especially the youth has been a widely debated topic since its introduction as a pastime for the local man. The usual misconception for most is that it produces a heap of a problem for the current generation. It’s true that Gaming as a whole deals on subjects not suitable for its usual target audience, which are kids. But in my opinion, it introduces them to the topics introduced in the game in a controlled environment, where if they’re guided by an adult such as their parents, they would be more likely to learn the advantages than the disadvantages of being a Gamer. Of course, some limitations have to be made, like limiting the time one may be able to play to prevent some form of repercussion.

A lot of studies have been conducted in recent time in favor of benevolent effects of Gaming. One of the effects suggested is an improvement in cognitive functions especially on the time it takes for one to munch on the information given. This suggests that by playing in a daily basis seems to improve the reaction time and speed of most users, and can be used in their real-life activities. Another would be is the ability to comprehend information in a short period of time. Battle-hardened users of Gaming would be no stranger to tutorials when playing a new game, thus they would use their experience from past walkthroughs in learning the ways of that very game. I would conclude that they’re making the connections or similarities of that game to another to quickly learn the basics, suggesting an increase in mind capacity.

One last thing I would like to clear up is the supposed lack of social interaction. This is a blatant lie – sort of, I guess. Gaming, and in some way, the internet is the epitome of social contact and interaction between the many users. The amount of social interaction happening in a short period of time is nigh uncountable. And the effects from these interactions depend on the users’ actions, not the medium they used to commit that very action like playing a game. The outcome can range from a simple friendship being made between two users, to frustration in playing with one and what comes after that is a plethora of effects on the mental aptitude of those users. Depression, happiness, self-esteem results from playing Games, but not because of playing a game per se – it’s more likely on how the users react to the chain of events happening in that game. Some may question the viability of Gaming in improving one’s life, but the amount of uses it can give is truly endless. These uses are dependent on what the users can imagine or hope to do. An analogy would be is what would you do when you’re given a knife? Most would use it as a tool, but others would use it for much more nefarious things. The whole point is that Gaming is a tool, something you can use. It’s not a reason why people commit those heinous actions, it’s just a medium.

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