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A nursing home patient escapes. (satire)
The Escape of Millie Malone

With cool days ahead and fall ending fast,
I was off to the Manor to carry out task.
A nursing home job for the sick and the aged,
By the name of Wildwood, wherein they were caged.

I was washing out pots and bowls full of meal,
When break time crept up, a ten minute deal.
So I sat on a bench near the Manor's front door,
With a cup of hot joe in the jacket I wore.

When all of the sudden she passed with a sneak,
Twas Millie Malone who decided to streak,
Out the doors, on the walk, all the way to the gate,
With a body all wrinkled, she worked out her fate.

I shouted "ESCAPE"...the Director came out.
"It was Millie Malone, of that I've no doubt".
"She was naked and laughing...her route toward West"
"Well run after her boy, put your legs to the test"!

So I hastily rose, dropped my cup on the ground,
And gave chase to old Millie until she was found.
I ran like the wind up to Lavendell street,
Passed hysterical people with smiles... indiscreet.

I rounded a corner and down several yards,
To the city's librarian handing out cards.
It was some kind of festival, some sort of fair,
With a hundred folk laughing, some gasping for air.

They all were amused by the one who made tracks,
It was Millie who'd stopped to perform jumping jacks.
I had to step in and take over somehow.
The director drove up, and was having a cow.

"Do something he said, or you're going to be fired"!
So I wrestled with Millie who laughed till she tired.
We hustled her into the car... the crowd booing
"This woman's performance may be my undoing".

With Millie now safely inside, in her gown,
The director gave gaze as intensely he frowned.
But then with a burst he broke into full laughter
It was Millie Malone, the one we ran after.


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