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List of things to consider in evaluating a poem
Handy information from Turtle ~ KanyÑthƐko:wa:h "From the Ground Up Student Group Lessons

Here is a list of editing measures which should be taken with any poem you plan to post or publish.

1. Check for spelling errors.
2. Be sure you have used consistent tense and person.
3. Check the punctuation – be consistent in its use.
4. Review the form instructions to be sure you have followed the rules, including but not limited to:
a. How many lines in the poem or stanza
b. How many syllables in each line
c. Rhyme scheme
5. When you create a static item in your port on WDC, be sure to view it afterwards.
a. Be sure the line spacing is how you want it.
b. Change the font if you believe it will enhance the presentation of your poem.
c. Use colors with caution. Too many colors can detract from the content of your poem.

List of things to consider in evaluating a poem

1. Is the poem interesting?
2. Does the poem sound melodic?
3. Does the poem say something? Does it have depth?
4. Is the poem too abstract? Can you understand the message?
5. Does the poem have power or beauty or both?
6. Does the poem contain common clichΓ©s?
7. Do the words in the poem seemed forced to conform to the form or line syllable count?
8. Is the poem's punctuation used effectively?
9. Are there any interesting words in the poem?
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