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Will Anisa ever tell what happened to Ryan?
"Yes" I said and turned around
"Honey what are you doing here?" my mom asked with such curiosity
I did not answer and Detective Derick came and smiled oddly at my mom.
"Who are you?" My mom asked
"Oh, Hello I am Detective Derick, I am on the case of Ryan Johnston".
"HI, what happened to Ryan?" my mom asked looking worried
"Well we don't know. Your daughter was there and called the police, she won't tell us" Detective Derick said
"Anisa, if you don't tell this man what happened I WILL ground you! For 6 MONTHS TELL HIM “my mom threatened
Mrs. Williams here is my number when she is ready to talk just call me" Detective Derick said.
"It is just Ms. Williams, and I will give you a call, but I think we should get answers while we are here" My mom said smiling.
"Okay, I will make sure I talk to your daughter today" Detective Derick said handing my mom his business card
I started crying because I could not say what happened, all these flashbacks came in my head. The police, Ryan on the floor, it ran over and over in my head. Detective Derick gave me a tissue and my mom hugged me. Out of nowhere I heard "RYAN!"
It sounded like Mrs. Robinson’s voice, everyone ran in besides me. I sat down next to the bench, I cried and I looked up and saw cute tan shoes and a business outfit. It was Mrs. Robinson! She sat right next to me.
"Can you forgive me?" Mrs. Robinson said and smiled
"Huh?" I said half hearing her.
"Can you forgive me?" Mrs. Robinson asked again.
"Of course I can" I said and smiled Mrs. Robinson gave me a hug.
"Honey Ryan is waiting for you are you going to come in?" Mrs. Robinson asked
"Yes” I replied
"Then get your butt up and go see your friend" Mrs. Robinson said joking, she handed me my gifts for Ryan.
She put nudge me in the room. Looking at Ryan was so heart breaking he was bruised all over his body.
"Hey, Ansia I am so happy you came to see me!" Ryan said
"Why wouldn't I?" I said trying to hold back the tears.
"Oh, don't cry I was my fault anyway. “Ryan said
"Ansia It's fine please don't cry" Ryan said giving me a hug.
We laughed and talked for two (2) hours. I gave Ryan his gifts. I had bought him chocolate Godiva (his favorite) .
"THANKS. You sure know how to make someone happy." Ryan said sharing with me some of his Godiva chocolates.
"You’re welcome. Anything for my best friend" I said eating them.
The door opened and Detective Derick came in,
"Am I interrupting something?" Handing Ryan a card.
"NO! "Ryan and I said at the same time
"Okay, look you need to tell me what happened" Detective Ryan said taking out a pen and notepad. I looked at Ryan. Detective Derick nodded. "This is the right thing to do" he said.
"Okay, this is what happened. Ansia and I were walking home from school and..." Ryan started saying when the door opened and my dad came in. He grabbed my arm and pulled me out of Ryan's hospital room.
"DAD STOP LET ME GO!" I yelled. My mom overheard me and came running. "Jacob please give her another chance you don't even know what happened! We don't know what happened" my mom said starting to cry.
"Well i'm sorry about that but we made a deal and she broke it" my dad said with fake sympathy.
"LET ME AT LEAST GIVE HER A HUG" My mom said as she ran to me and hugged me. As she hugged me, she gave me my Bible and purse.
"You be good. I am going to get you out of this mess. You know how your dad is. Give me two (2) weeks". My mom said crying. My dad grabbed my arm and put me in the car.
"DAD PLEASE DON'T DO THIS TO ME!" I screamed at him
"SHUT UP! PUT ON YOUR SEAT BELT! He yelled at me.
Detective Derick followed us out of the room and to the car all the time pleading with my dad not to take me home. He kept saying, "Please don't leave, she has to tell me what happened before she leaves sir."
"Oh really" my said rudely
I started to get out but my dad drove off. I know why he is doing this to me, but what is he getting out of all of this?

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