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Just a few thoughts that I had while I was working
My dad taught me that life is precious and we should take nothing for granted and enjoy the ride
I have learned many things from family and friends and still can’t seem to understand why people lie
I am out to change people’s lives to do the right things and enjoy life every day
It’s hard to do that when a person is dying inside and it seems that everything gets in the way
It’s hard to see the reasoning behind why bad things have to happen to individuals who don’t deserve it
I work hard and enjoy my family, and working at safe work environments, but even with a happy attitude it seems that the candle is gone before it has even been lit
It’s hard sometimes to always be the positive one to comfort everyone else during the time of grief
And when tables are turned then everyone is too busy and they have to leave
People come into our lives and leave footprints that cannot be erased with time
The pain is sometimes too much and a person gets use to putting on a fake smile and saying everything is fine.
I can’t say enough how much I miss my Dad, Grandpa, Uncle, and Professor/Officer that meant the world to me
All I want is to feel better so I can let go and be pain free
But you make a mistake and no going back and all I can do is blame me.
You do exactly what you think is best for yourself in the end
It all seems to much and noone appreciates what you have done for them.
We all have the ability to make choices and hope that it's the right one
But when you mess up all you can do is say screw it and be done.
The right choice in life will come by as long as the door remains open for it to come in
But when you have no friends to help keep the faith a person tends to want to commit a sin
They work hard and try their best
But everyone mistakes it for something else so it's best to put everything to rest.
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