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My feelings about my career and life in general.
Why do people feel the need to play with someone else’s emotions even when they know that they are in pain?

A person works hard to get two degrees and working on the third one while she thought she would be getting somewhere in their career only to get shot down and have someone feed on that.

Maybe that is part of the reason why I don’t communicate my feelings with many people since they seem to use it against me.

I always thought that things would go smoothly as long as you had family behind you, but when they turn on you it seems that you have no one.

When you have many people against you it’s very hard to continue forward when it seems like everyone out there is waiting for you to fail.

Even when you think your biggest supporter is there it may seem that they have their mind occupied on other things.

A person tries so hard to do everything right by going to school, taking care of family, going to work, and thinking it will be enough to get into the right career only to find out it’s not.

I have never been one to give up and I’m trying to stay positive with everything going on in my life that is pushing me in the opposite direction and just waiting for a sign that it will go right soon.

It’s even harder when you find out the ones you thought were behind you are now trying to get you to stop trying and it makes a person wonder who is really out there and wanting them to succeed besides themselves.

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